iTunes - Latest Releases

Heavy Rotation - access all the songs you are playing the most in iTunes

Nov 07, 2012 - Independent software developer, Claus Zimmermann announces Heavy Rotation for iTunes 1.1, a new version of his lightweight OS X app that gives you a quick and easy way to access all the tracks you are currently playing the most in iTunes. Heavy Rotation automatically determines the songs you are playing the most in iTunes. The application lets you play your favorite songs, control iTunes and search your music library right from your menubar without interrupting your current workflow.

Music Pub 1.0 for Mac OS X - Awesome Drinking Music Experience

May 25, 2012 - Wizsoft Inc. today introduces Music Pub 1.0, its new music player for Mac OS X. Shake your music thirst with Music Pub. Featuring a comfortable interface with various functionality, Music Pub enables you to control almost everything you can do with iTunes. Music Pub looks like a glass of cool beer, making you feel like quenching your thirst. It can recall your entire playlist in your iTunes Library. And users can easily share what they are listening to though their Twitter account.

VideoDrive 2.5 for Mac released

Jan 07, 2012 - Aroona Software today releases VideoDrive 2.5 for Mac OS X. With one click, VideoDrive adds your video collection to iTunes. By adding your video files to iTunes, you can easily organize them and watch them on the go on your iPhone, iPad or AppleTV. VideoDrive supports all current video formats, and imports videos with or without conversions. VideoDrive can monitor any folder for new videos, even when it is not running. Queued videos are imported in the background fast and easily.

iFlicks 1.4 Released for Mac OS X - Video Metadata Editor and Conversion

Jul 18, 2011 - Indie developer Jendrik Bertram today announces iFlicks 1.4, an update to his video utility for Mac OS X. Featuring an easy-to-use interface, iFlicks will convert and optimize video files to play on iTunes, Front Row, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Imported into iTunes, videos can be organized by adding metadata, such as title, episode, cast, genre, etc. Version 1.4 can create video files from H.264 content (.mkv, .flv) that will be directly playable on Apple devices without re-encoding.

Special Pricing for SuperSync - Improved iTunes Sync across Mac and PC

Apr 20, 2011 - California based SuperSync LLC today announces SuperSync 4.0.8, an update to the industry leading iTunes sync utility. SuperSync enables users to visually compare, access, sync, and merge their iTunes libraries across multiple Macintosh, Windows PCs, hard drives, network storage, and iOS devices. Version 4.0.8 is major update, that includes an improved user interface, a complete rewrite of iTunes Library detection feature, improved support of iTunes specific metadata, device importing, and more.

Updated DeckApp Let's You Rediscover Albums On Your Mac

Apr 08, 2011 - eComposite today is pleased to publish DeckApp, its first Mac application. DeckApp is a music player that leverages your iTunes library and allows you to listen to your albums, one by one. It plays without distraction, replaces the iTunes player and is available right away by pressing a shortcut. It provides an elegant and easy way to listen to all your albums. DeckApp reads you iTunes library to find and catalog all your albums. It also connects to the service.

Tune-Instructor 3.2 for Mac OS X - iTunes Organizer and Menu Bar Player

Jan 31, 2011 - Independent developer Tibor Andre today announces Tune-Instructor 3.2 for Mac OS X, his application that provides a variety of options for organizing iTunes files, plus convenient playback controls. The menu bar controller is always present and permits navigation and playback without opening iTunes. The app allows custom editing of the ID3 tag, which contains all the metadata of an MP3 file, so that users can organize their song libraries, lyrics, artwork, files, and folders however they wish.

SuperSync 4.0 reaps rave reviews - Expands Video Browsing in Update

Jan 27, 2011 - California based SuperSync today announces its 4.0.1 update will be released during Macworld Expo at Booth #948. SuperSync enables users to visually compare, access, sync, and merge iTunes libraries including music, audio files, podcasts, and video, across multiple Macintosh and Windows PCs, iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Version 4.0.1 adds the ability to watch video files from your iTunes library using a web browser.

MixTape 1.1.5 - Beat matched mix/remix software matures

Oct 23, 2010 - Atomic Droplet has released MixTape 1.1.5, an update for its rapidly maturing mixing application. MixTape takes the music users already have and gives them an environment where beat matched mixes can be created without the complexity associated with audio workstations or DJ apps. The resulting mixes can be published either back into iTunes or directly onto the web. Version 1.1.5 removes the requirement to create an publishing account prior to purchase.