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Sopio Makes a Royal Return to iOS and Android

May 28, 2015 - UK based Lightwood Games today introduces King Of Sopio 1.01, a brand new card game in the Sopio stickman universe. Available for iOS and Android devices, King Of Sopio is a free online multi-player game, created by the designers of Sopio in response to the cries of their humble subjects. Using 160 pun-filled Sopio cards, King Of Sopio takes just seconds to learn and less than two minutes to play a game. Instant player matching and online rankings ensure that it's impossible to put down.

Sopio: The Points and Puns Card Game Comes to iOS

Feb 26, 2015 - Lightwood Games today introduces Sopio 1.00, their brand new game title for iPhone and iPad. The points and puns card game arrives on iOS. The release of Sopio was scheduled to coincide with the 4th anniversary of the Sopio card game, which has now sold more then 20,000 decks of cards worldwide. The rules of Sopio are so simple that they fit onto a single playing card. It takes just seconds to learn the game. Sopio is the third officially licensed card game conversion by Lightwood Games.

Celebrate the best of America for July 4th with Epic America Word Search

Jun 24, 2014 - Lightwood Games today introduces Epic America Word Search 1.08, the latest in the "Epic Word Search" series of apps developed for iOS devices. This oversized word puzzle celebrates the very best of all things American. From the Constitution and Presidents, to drive-in movies & muscle cars, to hamburgers, skyscrapers and Route 66; it's a varied mix of heritage and Americana. The app contains one gigantic, continuous word search puzzle that hides more than 1,500 words in a grid of 14,400 letters.

Hero Brigade Brawl for iOS: deck-building, card-battling, super-hero fun

Mar 19, 2014 - UK based Lightwood Games today introduces Hero Brigade Brawl 1.00 for iOS, a strategic card game of good vs evil. Based on the tabletop game, Hero Brigade, it is a two-player card game set in a world of comic book characters, where one player becomes the super-heroes and the other is the super-villains. While following many of the original rules, the app's rules have been optimised for mobile so you can play anywhere, whenever you have time to take a turn.

Newly-wed developers interrupt honeymoon to launch iPhone game

Oct 15, 2013 - A "just married" couple who make games for iPhone and iPad are taking time out from their honeymoon to prepare for their next game's release. The couple, who publish apps as Lightwood Games, ran off to Las Vegas to get married as soon as their latest game was submitted to Apple. They have now heard that Stak Bots, a card game with battling robots, has been approved and it is scheduled for worldwide release on Monday October 21st. Stak Bots is the studio's first officially licensed game.

New Word Puzzle App is Destined to Smash World Record

Jun 26, 2013 - Lightwood Games is delighted to present Word Search 10K v.1.0, the largest word search puzzle ever made It's available now on the App Store and is a free download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. With more than 10,000 words hidden in a grid of 90,000 letters, the game is sure to keep word puzzlers happily occupied for many, many hours. In fact, it's estimated that it will take even accomplished wordsmiths more than 100 hours to solve the puzzle.

Foursies Lets Friends Connect for Unique Twist on Classic Board Game

Apr 04, 2013 - Lightwood Games is delighted to announce that Foursies, a four in a row game with a twist, is now available on the App Store. With new rules designed to make the game quicker and more engaging, this free iOS app brings a classic game format into the digital age. If you've played vertical strategy games like Connect Four or Captain's Mistress, you'll think you already know how to play this game. However the unique twists in Foursies turn a familiar game into a brand new challenge.

iOS game connects devices and people for truly social gaming experience

Aug 24, 2012 - Head Hunter Challenge 1.01 is the latest game to be built around Lightwood's multi-screen gaming technology, which allows up to 16 devices to be connected via Bluetooth in order to create a single, enlarged playing surface. Players then compete in teams, often intertwining limbs and digits in order to reach the far corners of the game. It's a unique concept: a real world social gaming experience where you literally face your opponents as you battle for territory - and to win the game.

Splat the Difference for iOS finally available, makes farty noises

Jul 23, 2012 - Lightwood Games has finally decided that it's time to stop messing about and actually deliver their next game, Splat the Difference 1.0 for iOS. Imagine throwing jelly at a window to solve a puzzle. Doesn't that sound like fun? Play this spot the difference game where you mark the differences between two pictures using colored "splats". There are more than a hundred puzzles already in the game. You can even play online against your friends to find out whose finger can splat the quickest.