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About Appsplit
Based in Sunny California, Appsplit was founded by Hussein Yahfoufi in 2010. Hussein Yahfoufi, recently launched the Mobile Tech Blog by Appsplit to cover the latest and greatest news about the ever changing mobile and apps industry. Appsplit also includes the Mobile Marketplace where you can list your mobile, Facebook or web app source code for sale and let them do the work to find you a buyer.
The New appsplit Will Change The Whole Apps Industry

May 28, 2012 - appsplit offers a platform for anyone and everyone who wants to get involved in the creation, development and business of apps. Everyone from app developers, entrepreneurs, fans, users, app owners, inventors, investors to the average Joe on the streets can now be part of the world of apps. Their newly-improved platform gives people this opportunity through our three types of campaigns: Fund campaigns, Sell campaigns, and Develop campaigns.

New iPhone game to help you kill hours - Trenchman by appsplit

Sep 19, 2011 - California based appsplit announces Trenchman 1.0, their latest arcade game for iPhone and iPod touch. Gamers will be delighted with the basic yet addictive premise of Trenchman: surviving behind enemy lines when all you have at your disposal is grenades and your trusted trench. Trenchman includes Game Center support with achievements board and a leader board. The achievement board tests a gamer's skill level with specific tasks whereas the leader board showcases overall performance.

The Split Program by appsplit welcomes Swing King for iPhone

Feb 16, 2011 - San Diego based appsplit announces the latest addition to its Split Program called Swing King. Swing King is a fun, addictive and entertaining app that will give you endless hours of fun play. With the help of birds hovering in the sky, the goal is to jump off the swing and see how far one can land. In their quest to be a leading scorer and with a incentive to the crowned king, players will simply need to download the Swing King, login in to OppenFeint, and start playing.

appsplit - Now with Facebook and Web Application Support

Feb 10, 2011 - San Diego based mobile application marketplace, appsplit today announces that it has expanded its focus to include not only mobile apps but also Facebook and web apps. The Split Program has been expanded as well to include app management services for Facebook and Web Apps. appsplit is already featuring some Facebook applications for sale, in addition to the mobile applications that were featured within days of launching the site.