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ProCamera 4.0 - With lots of new features it is the biggest update ever

Dec 20, 2012 - California based Cocologics today announces ProCamera 4.0, an update to their wildly popular enhanced photography app for iPhone and iPad. Featuring a straightforward and intuitive design, ProCamera is a well-balanced, professional level 5-in-1 app that offers still photo, video, editing tools, social networking sharing, and camera related utilities. Version 4.0 is packed with new photo, editing, video and sharing features to bring your creativity up to the next level.

ProCamera and ProCamera HD One Day Price-Drop

Dec 12, 2012 - To celebrate the release of the first official ProCamera Tutorial, Cocologics is dropping the prices of ProCamera and ProCamera HD. ProCamera is a well-balanced 5-in-1 app that has still photo, video, editing tools, social networking support, and camera related utilities. The tutorials will be the first in a series of five tutorials covering all aspects of the app, including photo, video, editing and sharing functions. The price-drop is on Wednesday, December 12th and is for one day only.

Join Shared Event: Election Day with ProCamera and Share Your Photos

Nov 05, 2012 - Cocologics, ProCamera's creator, is hosting "Shared Event: Election Day" to share great election photos. ProCamera is about facilitating the process of taking great pictures and building communities around them. This shared event about Election is from Nov. 2 to 8. Any photo, the community, the polling booth, the election party, anything associated with the view of the democratic process in action can be shared. ProCamera dropped the price to $0.99 to support the event.

Join iPad Photography Contest and Night Photography Contest

Oct 27, 2012 - Cocologics is hosting two contests for ProCamera and ProCamera HD, their enhanced photography apps developed for iPhone and iPad. The "iPad Photography Contest" will end on next Monday. You still get a whole weekend to shoot photos with your iPad and win an iPad mini from the award. The "Night Photography Contest" will be until November 4. ProCamera is a full-featured 5-in-1 app that has still camera and video, photo editing tools, social networking support, and camera related utilities.

iPad Photography Contest with ProCamera HD

Oct 18, 2012 - Cocologics, the creator of the leading camera app ProCamera and ProCamera HD, is announcing an iPad Photography Contest. ProCamera HD has dropped the price from $4.99 USD to $0.99 for this contest. Earlier this year, Cocologics released ProCamera HD, the first iPad app to take photography seriously by providing photographers with a range of advanced shooting options including exposure and focus adjustment, digital zoom, burst mode and an adjustable shutter button (SnapTrigger).

1 Million PIXEL App for All Pixel Lovers in the World

Sep 26, 2012 - Rubin Mobile UG announces the release of 1 Million PIXEL App 1.1 for iOS for pixel lovers all over the world. There is a mystery 8-Bit universe with stunning graphics, music, and video behind one pixel or 1 million pixels. Each pixel is alive - it will have an owner and can be shared through social media. The unveiling process to the whole world is exciting. The whole game is highly engaging and introduces a completely new game concept.

Important note to users for using ProCamera on iOS 6. ProCamera updated

Sep 25, 2012 - Cocologics announces ProCamera version 3.7 for iOS, with features like Live Histogram and Separate lock for exposure and focus. ProCamera is a well-balanced 5-in-1 app that has still photo, video, editing tools, social networking support, and camera related utilities. The new guide makes it easy to take better photos by showing the exposure histogram and offering warnings when the picture will be over or underexposed. iOS 6 requires enabling access to photos for saving and viewing photos/videos.

iPhone Developers and Photographers Join Forces

Sep 19, 2012 - Cocologics announces that leading mobile photographer, Misho Baranovic, will become the chief editor for the ProCamera Blog. Cocologics is the technological leader for mobile photography software on iOS. It created the first full-featured camera app for iPhone (ProCamera) and now again the first full-featured camera app for iPad (ProCamera HD). Misho Baranovic is an influential and leading mobile photographer, having exhibited his mobile photography in many countries in the world.

Enhanced iPad photography with ProCamera HD

Sep 14, 2012 - Cocologics announces a special launch price on its ProCamera HD enhanced iPad photography app. ProCamera HD's SnapTrigger is perfectly adapted to the iPad: Users decide where the control bar is located on the screen by simply dragging the control bar to the desired position; this makes it a lot easier to stabilize the device while taking photos and videos. The new Expert Mode gives complete control over exposure, focus, and white balance - in order to improve the quality of photos and videos.