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Christmas Comes to iPad and iPhone - CarolBox Beautiful Carols - Tobytek

Dec 17, 2013 - iPhone and iPad app developer, Tobytek today releases a beautifully packaged sing along Christmas carol app for iOS devices. Comprising a selection of favorite Christmas carols and a karaoke style "bouncy ball" to guide prospective carolers through the lyrics, CarolBox aims to light up the entire room by enabling the whole family to join in the sing along. Beautiful festive looks and jolly but tasteful sound tracks make this a perfect experience for sharing a singing session this Christmas.

I'm Having a Bath - An exciting new iPad App for Children and Families

Sep 11, 2012 - iPad and iPhone App developer, Tobytek today introduces I'm Having A Bath 1.0, its unique and fun new children's story book developed exclusively for iPad devices. I'm Having A Bath is an interactive read-along rhyming story book with sounds and actions which allows children and parents to enjoy iPad technology together. In contrast to other iPad stories which are based on a "read out loud" format, I'm Having A Bath purposely avoids this to allow families to share the story together.

Latest Flick Craze iPhone and iPad App Flick Ninja From Tobytek

Aug 11, 2011 - UK based Tobytek introduces Flick Ninja 1.0, its new flick-based action game for iOS devices. Designed to appeal to a mass audience, and be simple enough to grasp for anyone to pick up and start playing, in Flick Ninja the player has a single ninja throwing star and must flick it around the screen, avoiding obstacles and attempting to pop and smash targets that get in the way. There are 4 game modes to choose from, adding variety and depth to the game.