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The largest iOS 10 course has just been released - Get it now for $9

Sep 15, 2016 - Mammoth Interactive has just released the largest iOS 10 course clocking in at 100 hours. Learn how to develop apps from scratch. No experience necessary. This course is jam-packed with fresh, relevant and profitable material. It is the best way to learn how to code and become a fully experienced app developer. If you're an experienced developer or a new player in the game, this course will provide you with everything you need to know about iOS 10 development.

It's Time Your Kids Learn How to Code or Fall Behind

Apr 15, 2013 - John Bura announces a new online course that aims to teach kids how to code, Kids Coding -Introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It's time to admit it, the anti-social, unkempt, thirtysomething computer programmer who still lives in his parents' basement is a myth. Today programmers have great job prospects, making on average 78k, nearly double the national average. They work for large corporations and small startups, the public and the private sector, for profit and nonprofit organizations.

Xcode Fundamentals Interactive Training Course Released

Dec 14, 2012 - Mammoth Interactive has announced that their interactive training course, Xcode Fundamentals at Udemy online. In Xcode Fundamentals, students learn how to design apps right in Xcode. The course consists of a series of 155 video lectures organized into 11 course sections, each typically just a few minutes long and full of dynamic graphical content. The course shows students how to design mobile applications and equally importantly, it teaches them about designing a mobile experience.

iOS Games Workshop - Great deal on how to make software easily

May 07, 2012 - For a limited time a landmark course on how to make software without programming will be on sale. Enjoy an established teacher teaching you the secrets of software production. Enjoy over 8.5 hours of jam packed content that will enhance your skills. Act now to get this offer before it expires. Owner of the game development studio Mammoth Interactive, John Bura has been programming games since 1997 and teaching since 2002. This course is aimed at beginners who want to make games Today.

Brand new course on how to make iPhone games 70% early adopter discount

Apr 11, 2012 - Have you ever wanted to make a game? You have tried to Google tutorials and tried to learn how to code. You plow through tutorial after tutorial and get nowhere. After much frustration, you give up and put your fantastic game ideas aside. Luckily if you want to make iPhone, iPad, mac store and android games you can. If you take this course you can learn the basics of game design and learn how to make iPhone and iPad games with absolutely zero programming.

Do you want to make games? Limited offer: 70% off an educational course

Dec 05, 2011 - Mammoth Interactive introduces a step-by-step course that will take you from knowing nothing about games to being your own star producer. This course is very beginner friendly. You have great ideas that you want to turn into games. With this course you can learn how to make those ideas into a reality. This course isn't just a simple how-to-make-a-game course. You get to learn the secrets of game design that are taught in the best game design colleges in the world.