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Merlin Project 4.3 Supports macOS High Sierra and Asian Localization

Oct 12, 2017 - ProjectWizards GmbH announces a brand new version of Merlin Project, the leading project management software for macOS. In version 4.3, the application is now optimized for macOS High Sierra. However, all Merlin Project users will benefit from an update as several optimizations have been implemented. With Merlin Project 4.3, the software is now available in Japanese and Simplified Chinese. Also, several optimizations and stability improvements have been implemented.

Merlin Project 4.2 rocks the Dropbox

Mar 27, 2017 - ProjectWizards today iannounces Merlin Project 4.2, an update to their market-leading project-management software for macOS. It's now a breeze for project managers who use multiple devices, or who work in small working groups, to keep their projects updated via iCloud Drive or Dropbox - even if they're not running Merlin Server themselves. Merlin Project 4.2 synchronizes all changes automatically, making them available to every project participant.

Merlin Project 4: Welcome to the team

Aug 10, 2016 - ProjectWizards, Inc. has released Merlin Project 4 and Merlin Server 4, the market-leading project-management software for Mac OS X. Merlin Project 4 and Merlin Server 4 for Mac take collaboration to a new level: Manage your team projects with more ease and efficiency than ever before on macOS and iOS. ProjectWizards is also introducing the new, trailblazing "Work Areas" feature in Merlin Project 4, allowing work on a project to be divided into a private and public work area.

Merlin Project 4 beta is available - as well on the iPhone

Jun 08, 2016 - ProjectWizards today announces the public beta of Merlin Server and Merlin Project Go. The soon-to-be-released 4th edition of the most successful project management software for the OS X is all about collaboration. Merlin Project now makes it even easier to work on a project together - on the Mac or on the iPhone. Discover the many new functions here, which put Merlin Project's focus firmly on teamwork. You are going to be blown away!

Merlin Project 3.1 - perfect with other apps - now with AppleScript

Jul 23, 2015 - ProjectWizards, Inc. has released Merlin Project 3.1, the market-leading project-management software for Mac OS X. With support for AppleScript, version 3.1 has expanded its extensive connections to popular and important third-party apps. The integrated interfaces already make Merlin Project the perfect team player. Whether users import entire projects from Microsoft Project or just export individual tables from Microsoft Excel, Merlin Project lets users exchange data effortlessly.

ProjectWizards released Merlin Project for OS X

Feb 03, 2015 - ProjectWizards, Inc. announces Merlin Project for OS X. If one plans complex projects, you won't get far with a simple list of tasks. Good planning raises questions about the dependencies of activities on each other, the impact of delays on the project completion date, and budget planning. Here, a spreadsheet quickly runs up against its limitations. These are precisely the answers Merlin Project provides users with to plan and implement projects with just a few mouse clicks.

ProjectWizards to release first public beta of Merlin Project for OS X

Nov 07, 2014 - ProjectWizards has announced the first public beta of Merlin, its popular project management software for OS X. Merlin Project is the successor of Merlin 2 and is available now to download/for testing, ahead of its scheduled release this year. Merlin Project lets you create complex procedural structures with dependencies between individual activities and groups, set the duration of individual activities, and define fixed milestones - all within minutes.

Merlin Server Startup Bundle Promotion

Oct 11, 2013 - ProjectWizards today announces a special promotion for the Merlin Project management Server. With Merlin, users leverage the power of the leading professional project management software for Mac OS X and share projects and maximize Project Management across a Network. The offer includes three Merlin 2 licenses and one Merlin server license via the ProjectWizards website. Server offers the following three built-in network services that can be individually activated with a single mouse click.

Merlin StartUp and Entrepreneuer Bundle

Jul 05, 2013 - To promote and support the idea of start-up's and entrepreneurship, ProjectWizards created a special Projectmanagement Bundle offer. Merlin for OS X gives you the tools to successfully implement projects on time and within a specified budget. Merlin Server reaches its true potential in enabling team collaboration when used together with Merlin 2. The Web Service with Merlin Server allows one to work on published projects across an intranet or internet using a supported web browser.