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iDo Zen - New iOS App for All iPhones Brings Minimalist ToDo Magic

Nov 07, 2012 - The GraphicJungle is pleased to announce the launch of iDo Zen 1.2, a new iPhone app focused on livening up the ToDo category, by freshening it up, innovating the category, simplifying it to essence-ware without loss of sophistication. It is Fusionware, a passion for design with pragmatic zen, balanced ToDo GUI and function. With no overbloat, just essential features, the app is simpler, slicker and sexier. The GraphicJungle is offering iDo Zen 1.2 free for the next 1,000 downloads.

Use Your own Mac eGurus - Solve your identity on or off-line

Jun 27, 2009 - Gurulicious Life is a one-stop-shop smooth solution to your personal or business project. Your own gurus handle your whole identity. We conceive, produce and consult. Differently. There's many consultants, agencies, studios, freelancers out there. It gets confusing. So we gathered a team of affordable eGurus to solve your problems practically, efficiently, and with no hype. You get transparency, results, success.