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Mana Pass Builder App Lets Small Businesses Catch the Passbook Wave

Oct 11, 2012 - Mana Mobile introduces, Mana Pass Builder 1.0 for iOS. The app was designed to enable businesses to enhance customer experience through Passbook integration. This app lets users build a base of customers in their Passbook network and is the easiest way to create, distribute, and track Passbook passes. Featuring a simple passbook creation system, incentivized social networking pass sharing, store card notifications and analytics, created passes are included in the Mana app for free advertising.

Businesses can take advantage of Passbook - Right Now

Sep 18, 2012 - Mana has developed an app for business owners to create, share, and track their own custom Passbook passes, all from their iOS device. Mana has also created a consumer application that will serve as a portal for consumers to download passes to use through Passbook. This app includes a component that rewards users for sharing passes with friends on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Available with the release of iOS 6.

App Developers Provide a Clever Business Solution for Apple's Passbook

Sep 11, 2012 - Mana Mobile has created a great business solution to help small businesses leverage Apple's PassBook. Mana will allow any business to create and distribute their own Passbook Passes. Included in the account profile for businesses will be access to a live metrics system that tracks usage in real-time, enabling individual businesses to assess the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and make nimble, rapid adjustments to optimize sales. Mana will be available with the release of iOS 6.