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New way to format Objective-C source code

Aug 03, 2013 - Indie Developer Denis Shevchenko is proud to introduce a new app release. StrictCode is a source code formatter exclusively for OS X/iOS developers. Today we see many beautiful apps. But not only the interface of the app should be beautiful, its source code should be nice too. All developers knows how difficult it is to maintain badly formatted code. Unfortunately, manual formatting is a boring, tedious and slow task. StrictCode will take care of it.

Uncompromisingly Simple Formatting of the Source Code

Jan 06, 2013 - Indie Developer Denis Shevchenko is proud to introduce Style Revisor for OSX, an app that formats the source code. Styling of source code is a tedious, monotonous, error-prone, but mandatory job that every programmer should to do. Style Revisor takes this job on themselves. It's for software developers who work with Mac. For developers who love beautiful code. Style Revisor supports different programming languages and formatting styles. Every language is present as a plugin & style as an addon.