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vitapoly releases iOS Social Framework ANE

Feb 14, 2013 - The full native iOS Social, Accounts, MessageUI, and Twitter frameworks are now available to iOS developers as an AIR Native Extension. Including new iOS 6.0 features such as the convenient activity sheets, developers can now easily post messages to Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo from directly from their app. Sending emails and SMS is also a breeze. Developers can leverage the low-level API, which comes with 50+ classes and 300+ methods.

Access Native iOS APIs from Adobe Flash with

Jan 08, 2013 - California based vitapoly inc. announces their new The company develops Adobe Air Native Extensions for a variety of native frameworks. With the help of, developers will have access to the low level APIs that is part of the device they are developing for. The site features iAd, Newsstand, iCloud, PassBook, and GameKit and are available for immediate integration. Now developers can have the best of both worlds.