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BrainDistrict Launches RocketHub Campaign to Fund Text-to-3D Service

Oct 27, 2013 - BrainDistrict GmbH has announced its RocketHub crowdfunding campaign to fund the development Text-to-3D. This innovative technology enables creation of 3D objects and scenes by simply typing or speaking descriptions. Users will be able to create 3D houses, villages, cities, landscapes and entire worlds. Create 3D Content for fun, games, education or business using simple text or speech commands. Develop Text-to-3D client software for various devices such as computers, phones, tablets and more.

BrainDistrict Announces The Latest Release of its RaySupreme 3D Software

Oct 13, 2013 - BrainDistrict GmbH has announced the immediate availability of Version 1.5 of their popular 3D software, RaySupreme. It is the latest version of this revolutionary and innovative software for 3D modeling and rendering, delivering significant enhancement in terms of speed, capabilities and functionality. This 3D modeling and rendering software has penetrated the boundaries of technology with its Text-to-3D feature, which enables users to create 3D objects and scenes by typing text descriptions.