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Make Physical Activity a Consistent Part of Your Life with MiFitLife

Jun 19, 2013 - MiFitLife, LLC introduces MiFitLife 1.1 for iPhone. MiFitLife provides users with a highly personal lifetime fitness guide of appropriate and progressive physical activity. It calculates the optimal amount of physical activity they should engage in each week, as determined by their body's ability to use oxygen. Individuals of all fitness levels, ages, shapes, and sizes will no longer need additional motivation to incorporate physical activity as a part of their life.

Save the City from Unmasked Carnage in Moscow Dash on iOS

Jun 18, 2013 - Starkom announces Moscow Dash 1.2 for iOS. The horror-based shooter tasks users with mysterious package and saving of capital city. Veiled terrors have transformed the inhabitants of Moscow into demons. Cast as the fearless Courier, players must survive the rampant lawlessness of the metropolis' streets, subways and the underground while transporting a mysterious package. Taking place in 70 episodes over 9 levels, player's must battle 30 monstrous mutants and barbaric brutes.

Enhance the Speed of Children's Speech with Speech Therapy for Apraxia

May 30, 2013 - Children of all ages can perfect their articulation and get a head start in speaking with Speech Therapy for Apraxia 1.2 for iOS and Android. Developed by Blue Whale Apps and a certified Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) from the National Association for Child Development, Speech Therapy for Apraxia helps individuals practice speaking by presenting a variety of phonemes and moving through a gentle progression of levels that challenge motor planning for speech.

Group Mixers Made Easy with Martini on iOS and Android

May 28, 2013 - Martini, the app that sets groups of friends up on mixers in cities across the country, is making it even easier to meet new people with its 2.0 update. Martini 2.0 streamlines group dating in cities nationwide. Available today on iOS and Android, Martini updates include Scheduled Mixers and free Daily Matches, as well as a more streamlined, group-friendly layout. The app eliminates the awkwardness of meeting new people one-on-one and instead creates an opportunity for a fun night out in groups.

GazziliMath on iOS Fuses Learning and Fun With Early Math Concepts

May 23, 2013 - Preschoolers and parents can enjoy hours of fun learning basic math skills through exciting arithmetic activities with the immediate launch of GazziliMath 1.0 on iOS, a new edutainment app that builds lifetime skills with fun math activities. Featuring colorful characters, vibrant animations and engaging games, GazziliMath is a unique interactive learning experience that lets children explore the countless ways that numbers and math play an important role in their lives.

Byte Squared Announces Plan for Citrix Worx Integration in Office Editor

May 22, 2013 - Byte Squared, a company specializing in Office document editing on mobile devices, today announced that it will be part of the Citrix Ready Worx Verified program. By integrating the Citrix Worx App SDK into its Office editing app, Byte Squared's users will have the ability to access and edit corporate data, without compromising the security of that information. The company's integration will bring Office2 to the Citrix Rrady Worx Verified ecosystem.

Tonido on iOS Brings Fast Indexing to Families Organizing Personal Media

May 14, 2013 - CodeLathe, the leader in Personal Cloud software and services, announces a major update to its Tonido personal cloud server and iPhone/iPad app that will help families automatically organize and catalogue their personal photos, music and videos. Tonido 5.0.1 lets individuals watch videos, listen to music, see photos and open documents that are stored on their computer, right from their mobile iOS device. Users can share their personal media without worrying about data privacy and security.

Learn from Leading Pickup Artists with Become a Pickup Artist on iOS

Apr 30, 2013 - Players unlock the keys to dating beautiful women with the latest release from Chouquette Games, Become a Pickup Artist 1.0.2 for iOS. Developed around pickup artist extraordinaire Nick Savoy's legendary Love Systems method, players are cast as the unlucky in love, Luke, and learn how to attract and interact with gorgeous women by testing their dating skills against a virtual collection of flirty femmes. Follow Luke's journey from average frustrated chump to charming casanova.

Dive into a World of Delicious Desserts with Rate My Cake app on iOS

Apr 24, 2013 - De Agostini, international publisher of wildly popular Cake Decorating Magazine debuts the first ever social network for mobile cake enthusiasts, Rate My Cake 1.5 for iOS. The Rate My Cake app is a brand extension of De Agostini's best-selling magazine, which has become a crazily popular and highly revered presence on the international baking and Cake Decorating scene, with 23.8 million issues sold worldwide. With the app, people who love cake can share pictures, enjoy and discuss with peers.