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[prMac.com] Monarch Beach, California - Real Time Logic today is pleased to announce BarracudaDrive 4.6 with the new File Mailer component. If you are in an industry that requires regular distribution of important information, you probably have found that there are many problems associated with secure distribution of sensitive data. The File Mailer is a product that makes it easy and secure to distribute confidential data of any size to any number of contacts via regular email.

We recommend using the BarracudaDrive File Mailer:
1. When there is a need for secure and encrypted distribution of any type of non tangible items.
2. When there is a need to distribute files that are too big for regular email.
3. When there is a need to easily distribute data to many, including a very large number of, customers/contacts.
4. When there is a need to track data distributed, or require verification of delivery.
5. When there is a need for customized data for each customer/contact in a distribution list. Data can be customized by using the optional batch processing engine.

The File Mailer's intuitive web interface resembles a standard email client's graphical user interface and provides features such as auto completion on email addresses found in the contact database. Start typing and a list of possible email address matches are shown. Contacts are automatically added, if not already in the database. Large contact lists can be imported by dragging and dropping the contact list onto the File Mailer Web Interface.

BarracudaDrive can be installed on a wide variety of computers including Windows, Mac, Linux, and specialized devices. There are two installation options for the BarracudaDrive server:

1. The server can be installed on your home or company LAN and be configured such that it can be accessed securely from the Internet without compromising the integrity of your company's LAN. BarracudaDrive includes a wizard that automates the LAN/WAN configuration process.

2. The server can be installed on an online server by using our automated cloud server installation program.

Visit Real Time Logic online for a video presentation and more information on how to securely distribute large files via emails.

Real Time Logic focuses on developing device management toolkits for embedded devices. BarracudaDrive is a consumer product developed by using the Barracuda Embedded Web Server SDK. Copyright (C) 2011 Real Time Logic. All Rights Reserved.