macVCR 2.0 Advanced Screen Recording Software for Mac OSX

October 10, 2008 in Multimedia (E)

[] Derbyshire, UK - Arten Science is proud to announce macVCR Version 2. macVCR is a Mac OSX Leopard application that records your screen activity and saves it to a movie file in various formats including Quicktime, AVI, iPhone, MPEG4 and others.

* Specify Recording Length or Operate Manually
* Live Camera Feed Option
* Magnify Area at Cursor
* Date and Time Overlay Option
* Adjustable Compression Quality
* Enhanced Area Selector with 300dpi Snapshot Facility
* Adjustable Output Resolution
* Choice of Codecs
* Resolution Presets
* Performance Adjustment
* Support for Multiple Monitors
* Unlimited User Presets
* Record a Selected Region of any Monitor
* Incorporates Speech Feedback
* Export to Windows Media, iPhone, Apple TV, AVI and Many More
* Low Disk and CPU Usage
* Trial Version (90 Seconds Recording) Available for Download

For Version 2 There is a new 'Pointer' menu. From this menu you can turn the Pointer on or off. The Pointer is designed to be used when you are recording screen activity for training or demonstration purposes.

When the Pointer is switched on, it appears in the centre of your screen. It is a small circular loop with targeting cross hairs. It does not follow the mouse automatically. To move the pointer grab the edge of the circle and move the Pointer to where you wish to perform a mouse action. When you release the mouse button the Pointer is 'zeroed' on the object you wish to manipulate, ie: a menu, folder, a button etc. You can then select or click the object through the middle of the loop.

By making the movement of the Pointer with the mouse a conscious decision, it leaves you free to use the mouse on the screen without it being seen in the resulting video. Maybe you wish to move the mouse to a second monitor and perform some action, or you wish to manipulate the screen environment without being seen to do so. Using this method that movement will not be seen in the final video.

We believe this unique pointer ability combined with our User Preset facility and our 'Magnify at Cursor' function make macVCR one of the best screen recording applications for Mac OSX.

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.5 Leopard or higher
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
* G4 Processor, 1GHz or faster
* 10 MB Hard Drive space

Pricing and Availability:
A trial version of macVCR is available for download. The trial version allows you to record ninety seconds of continuous activity. The full version is available for 14 GBP. Educational and Charity organisations please contact us for a free of charge license key for use with macVCR.

Arten Science was setup in the UK in 2007 to design, develop and market quality commercial software for the Apple Mac OSX (Universal Binary), Windows XP / Vista and Linux with GTK+ 2.x. We also provide Bespoke Software Development and Technology / Database and Security Consultancy services. In addition to creating new solutions for our customers, all of our commercial products can be tailored, modified and enhanced to suit your specific requirements. Arten Science is currently working on ArtenSUITE, our next generation, cross platform Application Development Framework. This will be used by ourselves and others to bring business applications to the Mac OSX and Linux platforms as well as continuing to support Windows XP and Vista. Arten Science can help you to use software to solve business problems and create business opportunities.


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