FmPro Migrator 6.24 Adds Merge Fields and Tooltips to PHP Conversion

September 23, 2011 in FileMaker (E)

[] Fremont, California - California based .com Solutions Inc. today is pleased to announce FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition 6.24, an important update to their popular database conversion solution for Mac OS X. FmPro Migrator 6.24 adds new merge fields and tooltips to PHP conversion feature. FileMaker Developers can use FileMaker Pro Advanced and FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition as a rapid application development environment for quickly prototyping PHP web applications.

The mixing of text and merge fields is a commonly used FileMaker development technique used for creating letters and fill-in forms displaying personalized information. This functionality has been added to the PHP Conversion feature of FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition, along with support for static tooltips and layout symbol objects.

Enhancements to the PHP Conversion feature include:
* Merge Fields with Static Text - FileMaker layouts may contain either single individual merge fields, multiple merge fields within the same text object or text mixed with merge fields. All of these options are supported by the automated conversion process.

* Layout Symbol Conversion - FileMaker layout symbol objects are used to display information such as date, time, username, current record number and page number within the layout. Each of these symbols is converted to display equivalent information within the converted PHP web forms. The page number symbol displays the current printing page number on the layout, since there isn't an exact match for this feature it is used to display the CakePHP pagination page number of the current foundset of records.

* Spry Tooltip Implementation - Most professionally-developed FileMaker database solutions include informative tooltips to guide users thru the application. FileMaker static tooltips are rendered in the PHP web application by using the included Adobe Spry library. The visual display of the tooltips can easily be modified site-wide thru making changes to a single .css file.

FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition is priced at ($600) per developer and includes a copy of FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition for both MacOS X (Universal Binary) and Windows platforms. Existing FmPro Migrator Developer Edition customers may upgrade to FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition for $400.

.com Solutions Inc. develops multi-platform graphical applications supporting FileMaker Pro, Bento, SQLite, Oracle, MySQL, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, OpenBase, PostgreSQL, FrontBase, Valentina, LiveCode and Servoy developers. FmPro Script Diff, compares and edits FileMaker Pro scripts. FmPro Migrator converts FileMaker Pro databases to and from FileMaker Pro, SQLite Diff compares SQLite database schema and data. FileMaker Pro is a trademark of FileMaker, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Servoy is a trademark of Servoy, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


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