Social Network for Neighbors using a Neighborhood Bulletin Wall

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[] Sunnyvale, California - Swiit Apps, LLC today is pleased to announce an update to their popular iPhone app Locally 1.2. With Locally, neighbors can instantaneously buy, sell, communicate, share & organize with anyone around them with an easy paperless post. No contact information or Sign-Ons are required. With a new user experience, version 1.2 has the following updates:

Updated Features:
* No Sign-Ups. Check-In into any neighborhood (e.g., home, office) by creating at least one post there.
* Notifications about new posts in your neighborhood. You too can share something interesting about yourself or the neighborhood so others around you will be notified. Be ALIVE and Like/Dislike someone else's post.
* Play Swiit sound anytime. Switch notifications sound from OFF to ON. You can politely inform those around you (e.g., coffee shop, shopping mall) with Swiit sound that you are using Locally.
* 'Post to Facebook' checkbox when entering a new post. Share your awesome post with your friends by directly updating your Facebook wall. The 'Post to Facebook' checkbox is OFF by default.
* Fixed minor bugs and app crashes.

Locally is a neighborhood bulletin wall for neighbors to instantaneously buy & sell goods or services, communicate, share & organize with anyone around them with an easy paperless post. You can read from or post to any neighborhood wall, where ever you are (e.g., home, office, vacation).

No contact information, No Sign-Ons , No connecting or following either. You maintain your privacy in your neighborhood. Anonymously and instantaneously buy & sell, communicate and share with anyone around you.

Our journey of creating social neighborhoods has begun. Our popular app Locally overcomes the problem of the lack of communication or inhibited communication between neighbors and is a substitute for paper-based bulletin boards at schools, universities and in your neighborhood.

Locally has already been featured in the 'What's Hot' list of Social Networking/Lifestyle apps in the App Store. Download Locally v1.2 for free from the iTunes App Store and help get rid of paper-based flyers in your neighborhoods, schools, colleges, office areas and other community organizations.

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