Press Release bambooapps announces Keep Your Word 1.3 Dec 03, 2008 in Educational bambooapps proudly announces the update of Keep Your Word for Mac OS X Leopard. Version 1.3 brings many new features, like support for images, that now can be included in the Flash Cards mode, many new grouping and classification options or a new website where users can share their dictionaries. [] Ma On Shan, Hong Kong - bambooapps proudly announces the release of Keep Your Word 1.3 for Mac OS X Leopard. This new version brings many new features: * Say hello to, the new website where you can share your dictionaries with users all over the world. * "Words" do not only support two text values. Now, you can also add a different image to each of the two meanings. Oh, and you can use your images to drill you vocabulary in the improved Flash Cards mode. * Keep Your Word 1.3 new Flash Cards mode supports the display of the images that you attached to each word. No images? No problem, it defaults to only text. * Smart Groups. A Word exposes many new properties, that can be used to declare the criteria that defines a Smart Group. So, now, you can declare a Smart Group that contains all the words not marked as memorized, that belong to a given Category, that have appeared at least twice in the Flash Cards mode, and that have not been in any of the Exercise Modes in the last two weeks. Are you studying a new language? Your class notebook is an endless list of words that you have to learn? You remember that your teacher told you how to say a lot of useful things but, can you find them in your notebok? Keep Your Word lets you build your own dictionary, classifying and grouping the terms exactly how you want to, while helping you to learn the longest list of words thanks to its different exercise modes. Keep Your Word supports all the character sets that your Mac supports, so you can write any word in the world. Keep Your Word is designed to: * Let you build your own dictionary * Organize and classify your words * Find words quickly * Do exercises Pricing and availability: Keep Your Word 1.3 costs $24.95 (USD) and is available now. The unregistered version of Keep Your Word is fully functional, although limited to 30 days. Keep Your Word requires Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, and runs on any Mac supported by Leopard. Started in 2007, bambooapps focuses in offering tools to simplify the workflow of the passionate Mac users. Copyright 2007-2008 bambooapps. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, and iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries. ### Cesar Tardaguila Hong Kong