Press Release Huge Apple TV giveaway announced alongside Speed Download 4.1.11 May 10, 2007 in Software Speed download, squarely aimed at all Mac OS X users, has been met with glowing praise from reviewers, web authors, developers, beta testers and the more than six million users who have left behind nuisances such the inability to reliably download files from the internet, the inability to easily resume file transfers when the internet connection fails, and more. This new update continues to enhance and tweak the performance of Speed Download to ensure utmost reliability. [] FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Yazsoft is proud to announce that from today, May 09 up until May 31, 2007, we will be hosting a big Apple TV giveaway. no purchase necessary! Simply email us at with the subject line 'An Apple TV for ME!'. Note:Everyone that registers during this period received three entries per license purchased as a modest token of thanks from the SD team. At the same time, a new release of Speed Download, 4.1.11, is now available. Version 4.1.11 adds some keyimprovements and is a recommended update for all Speed Download 4 users. - New Simplified and Traditional Chinese localization. - Addresses internal fixes and tweaks as reported by some users. - Build flagged for Apple TV giveaway. From May 09 until May 31, 2007, you can win a hot new Apple TV. Visit our website for details. BONUS As an added bonus, Speed Download now includes a link to Transmission; an incredibly well designed Bittorrent application. Transmission is a free, lightweight BitTorrent client featuring a simple, intuitive interface on top of an efficient, cross-platform back-end. HIGH DEFINITION VIDEO SCREENCAST See Speed Download in action and learn more about all the cool, new features it offers via our high definition video screencast. As well, take advantage of a 2 for 1 promo. GETTING SPEED DOWNLOAD Speed Download 4.1.11 is available immediately through the new Yazsoft website. A FREE 21 day trial is available. More information is readily found throughout our website. Speed Download 4 will be translated into many more languages in the near future. If you are interested in translating SD into your favorite language, please let us know. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS * Mac OS X 10.4.6 or later. * Any Internet connection. * Any popular Mac OS X Internet browser. PRICING Pre-registered SD users can upgrade to SD 4 for only $15. Pricing is as follows: * $25: 1 User license. * $40: 2 User license. (Save $10) * $100: 5 user license (Save $25) All Speed Download 4.x updates are FREE to all registered users. Thank you for supporting Speed Download development and the Macintosh community and for not encouraging software piracy. The Speed Download Team The best download manager for Mac OS X; with built-in FTP, auto resuming, encrypted P2P file sharing, and much more. We are team dedicated to the making good software for the Macintosh platform and providing top level support to all our users. Speed Download is regularly updated to ensure optimal performance at all times. Thanks to all for your support. ### Mark Forrester Owner