Mercury Learning releases fifth flash card children's game for iPad

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[] St. Paul, Minnesota - Mercury Learning Systems with Wood Apps Developers LLC introduces Super Flash Accelerated Learning Games for Children 1.0 - Sports Equipment for iPad, their Education app that uses a rapid flashing technique to help children 0.5 - 12 years of age rapidly acquire knowledge and develop their full learning potential. The app is the fifth release in a series devoted to whole-brain, speed learning for kids, with this app focusing on various sports equipment and games. The app provides practice in learning about different sports equipment, together with their associated words, audible facts and word sounds, while developing encyclopedic knowledge and vocabulary as well as photographic memory and rapid memory recall. The app has many options for various learning modes and abilities. It is also suitable for older children, as well as adults, because of its inherent educational and memory enhancement benefits. It also makes a very useful tool for learning English as a second language.

Educational and Psychological Benefits:
* Instant tool/word/sound association and recognition
* Photographic memory and rapid memory recall
* Encyclopedic knowledge and vocabulary
* Stronger right and left brain connections (whole-brain learning)
* Increased self-esteem and positive attitude
* Ability to learn any school subject faster and better (speed learning)

In basic mode, children tap the Play button, then watch and listen as from 1 to 10 photos of sports equipment and games appear on the screen for about two seconds each. Between each photo, the objects's name seen as a word with its name read aloud and an audible fact about it are flashed. Then, those same objects, mixed in with several others, appear in the play area. The child finds and touches each object/word they recall from memory to reveal a winning star. When all the sports objects are found and stars won, a victory page appears filled with animated stars and a positive, winning, audible voice-over affirming their success. The app features many different options for playing the game.

Feature Highlights:
* Children learn about various sports equipment and games using properly designed speed-learning methods
* Uses clear, high-contrast photographs with no background (best for brain development and memory retention)
* Play using one or more of the following flashing methods: sports objects, names, audible names, and audible facts
* Find game (helps activate instant memory recall)
* Auto-scoring
* 1-4 player mode
* 1-10 flashing objects per round
* Fast-play instructions
* Viewable/printable instructions for playing the game in many different ways
* Information about this accelerated learning method
* Two sizes of 140 printable playing cards with interesting facts on the backs (optional extra)
* Printable game charts to log your child's learning progress (optional extra)
* Five printable accelerated learning award certificates to present to your children as they excel with the games (optional extra)
* Play objects from one set at a time or from all sets (70 objects total)

Created by Brad C. Davis, producer of multiple award-winning Memory Magic Accelerated Learning Games for Children and owner of Mercury Learning Systems LLC with Wood App Developers LLC, the app utilizes scientifically proven, accelerated learning techniques inspired by experts in whole-brain education and child development. Brad stated, "The goal of these early learning apps is to enhance what is referred to as whole-brain learning, by stimulating right-brain functions through a rapid flashing technique, then strengthening those pathways to left-brain functions through memory recall. When both types of learning methods are used in a fun game environment, speed learning can take place and children can develop abilities that make learning any school subject faster and easier with greater memory retention."

Awards (CD version of same game):
* Top Choice Award from the Boston Museum of Science
* Excellence in Education Award from the Education Clearing House
* Perfect 10 from GameZones KidZone
* All Green Lights from the National Institute on Media and the Family

"Most early learning games for children use unrealistic imagery and audio or too much visual stimulation. These stimuli inhibit a young child's ability to form proper perceptions of what objects look like in reality and can block their full learning ability," stated Brad Davis, head of Mercury Learning Systems LLC. "Our early learning memory games are designed using proper imagery and stimulation methods that can naturally release your child's genius abilities."

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iOS 3.2 or later (iOS 5 tested)
* 59.1 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Super Flash Accelerated Learning Games for Children - Sports Equipment 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category. Unlocking all the options requires an in-app purchase of $1.99 (USD). Review copies are available on request.

Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Mercury Learning Systems mission is to create and promote accelerated learning materials and high quality learning tools for children. Established in 1996, Mercury Learning Systems is an accumulation of over 25 years of research, training, development and success. It began as a series of simple accelerated learning computer games created by owner Bradley Davis for his children. When word got out about the benefits experienced by his children and their friends, school principals urged him to produce his games for mass distribution. The games Mercury Learning Systems produces are now sold worldwide. The company currently offers 5 free/inline purchase educational apps in the App Store. Copyright (C) 1997-2012 Mercury Learning Systems LLC All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.


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