Rayner Software releases NetShade 5

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[prMac.com] San Jose, California - Rayner Software LLC today is pleased to announce the release of NetShade 5 for Mac, the latest update to its web anonymizer app. NetShade works by routing your Internet connection through an intermediary proxy server. This prevents your IP address from being sent to the sites you visit, providing a layer of privacy protection and a different geographical point of access. NetShade provides access to a user-sourced list of public proxy servers, as well as its own dedicated servers. NetShade currently runs 6 proxies - 3 in the U.S. and 3 in the E.U.

New Features:
Version 5 of NetShade is built on a new server architecture, and logins and passwords are no longer required to access the NetShade proxy. The previous version relied upon the OS X keychain to store login and password information for proxies, but various system-level bugs often caused this method to fail. The elimination of passwords in version 5 removes this susceptibility to the keychain's bugs.

The proxy manager has been re-done, as has the overall application UI. Windows are now collapsible. Multiple proxies can be tested in a batch, and proxies can be automatically cycled on a timer. New UI sounds provide an audible representation of a server's round trip time when you test it.

Version 5 is a major rewrite of the NetShade code across both the app and the server. It requires 10.6 or higher, and is Intel only. Version 4 remains available for users on older systems.

Pricing for NetShade remains unchanged from previous versions. It is as follows:

$0 10 day free trial
$29 NetShade Registration, including one year of NetShade Proxy access
$19 Renew NetShade Proxy subscription for one year (not required to run the app)
$9 Upgrade from NetShade 4 to NetShade 5
$9 Enable iOS on your registration code

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