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[] Lakewood, CO - If you want to be heard, visit any social or news site right now and look for a polling question. Everyone is polling: CNN(R), Yahoo(R), ESPN(R), Facebook(R), or nearly any social media site. With so many questions, you'd assume we'd have a lot more answers. Today's POV is in pursuit of such answers and set to launch 31 July 2009. With live pre-registration already enabled, visitors can sign up now and be among the first to be heard.

Today's POV approaches opinions with an unbiased, purposeful, and universal approach - unencumbered by the constraints of a target audience, politically correct approaches, or confusion over the purpose of the site. Today's POV is a new semi-social-media platform dedicated to the human voice - on any topic.

With daily questions, visitors can weigh in on the tough topics; the polarizing and controversial dilemmas that face us each day. Daily questions are queries that lead news stories, that divide our country, or that bring together the world.

Today's POV also offers a 20 questions feature - a question queue of more than 2,000 queries delivered up in batches of 20. Voters can answer one, many, or all for inclusion in results or also forward a BM&Y (Between Me & You) invitation to a friend or many friends. Responses are matched with the sender's and both then receive the match results - think of it as a romance survey on steroids.

Daily questions run the full gamut - all age groups, all topics, all races. They are in a simple yes-or-no format and the tallied results are delivered at GMT 0:00. With active accounts at more than 100 social media sites, Today's POV will participate with regular postings in addition to daily pushes to subscriber's email, SMS, and RSS. In development is dedicated application support for SmartPhones such as iPhone(TM) and BlackBerry(R).

A powerful search feature along with meta tags for questions provides instant results on thousands of topics. Subscription search adds demographics to results providing documented data in support of news stories, articles, research, or daily conversation.

Today's POV visitors can limit their participation to following the queries and tallies, becoming a voter and adding their voice to the dynamically displayed tally, or engaging as a reviewer of third-party online sites, products, and services through the completion of micro surveys.

Whether you're a follower, voter, or reviewer, you will find that Today's POV is current, relevant, and informative. Mark my words.

C Shaffstall & Son, LLC projects include X-Ray Magazine and StrappyArt, LLC. Today's POV is a service provided by X-Ray Magazine for the purpose of validating audience opinions. (C)2009 C Shaffstall & Son, LLC. Today's POV and logo are trademarks owned by C Shaffstall & Son, LLC, in the U.S. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.


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