Webswell Inc. announces the release of Webswell Connect 2.1

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[prMac.com] Sacramento, CA - August 24, 2007 - Integration software provider Webswell Inc. announces the release of Webswell Connect 2.1, an open source Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), ebxml and AS2 integration tool for the business enterprise.

Webswell Connect is a complete framework for e-business based on the ebXML, AS2 and SOA standards, used as an integration framework for heterogeneous business environments and for integration of incompatible legacy systems.

Connect 2.1 has the following new features:
* It includes HSQLDB as a alternative database system to the PostgreSQL. Both databases are available out-of-the-box.
* Webswell Dispatcher 1.1.22. has improved handling of AS2 and ebxml Registry Repository messages.
* Connect 2.1 is optimized to work much faster.
* Upgraded installer with improved MS Windows installation process.

Technologies Used:
* Java Platform, Standard edition
* Java Servlet
* Jakarta Tomcat
* PostgreSQL database
* IzPack

Related PDF Connect 2 Guide, and Datasheet as well as a Case Study may be downloaded. Webswell Connect is an open source solution licensed under GNU GPL.

Webswell Inc. is not strictly oriented at any technology, allowing us to conform to our customers requirements. Based on our experience, companies have invested large amounts of resources in building information systems so we believe that the right way is to extend the existing system rather than building new, and more expensive systems. We support different platforms, ERPs, databases, technologies and techniques that are commonly used and mastered techniques of integration of systems on different levels, according to customers needs.

Webswell Inc. is able to offer its services at very attractive, by delivering our integration solutions exclusively from Open Source technologies so customers do not pay for software licenses.

Webswell Inc. is a Sacramento, California based integration company specialized in building EDI, ebXML and Web Services integration solutions and providing related consultancy. Webswell's mission is to help companies of any size to build business integration solutions and exploit benefits that such integration provides. There is a branch for European customers in Prague, Czech Republic.


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