5 Mobile Games to De-Stress and Relax After a Condo Move

You’ve arrived at your new Meyer Blue condo tired but happy and excited to start settling down. You do have a few minutes to relax before unpacking, but what games should you play? Here are our five recommendations.


Suika gained prominence quickly after spending a few years as a sleeper puzzle game. It’s a Tetris-style puzzler but instead of blocks, you get fruit of varying sizes. The objective is to merge fruits to create the biggest and score massive points along the way.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds has been around since the smartphone came out and continues to be popular even today. The gameplay is simple- throw birds from a catapult and try to obliterate enemy structures in the process. Seeing your projectile destroy things is very cathartic and it can be an excellent de-stressor.


A classic card game in casino settings, Blackjack can be learned in a minute or two but it takes a while to master. The complexity is deep and involves which cards you might draw next. As an added bonus, the game can be played on any mobile phone, even devices that are more than five years old.


Open-world sandbox games are inherently relaxing since you’re free to do what you want. In this case, the Minecraft universe is filled with blocks, which is kind of like playing with Lego bricks. Build a virtual playground, a scale model of your favorite item, or try survival mode.


Battleship is a two-player game or one that’s played versus an AI opponent on a smartphone or tablet. You set up battleships on a grid and take turns firing missiles until there aren’t any ships left. This is a great game for couples and small families.