5 Tech-Related Trends in Real Estate

Technology continuously sends ripples across niches and industries, including real estate and owning a home. Look out for these five trends as they set the bar for developers and homebuyers alike.


Drone footage is no longer limited to leisure and casual events. Now, people can view a house without having to visit or set foot in it via real-time videos. Home tours and viewing can be done remotely, which drums up more interest and benefits real estate agents and developers.

Augmented Reality

AR, or augmented reality is a newer kind of tech that’s just realizing its full potential. However, it can be applied to both property buyers and real estate companies alike. With AR, potential clients can view a room or the whole house, or start adding their furniture virtually to see how it would fit in their new J’Den condo. Real estate companies can jump in and offer AR or VR tours with the help of advanced hardware.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Fintech startups have made home purchases using digital currency a reality. Nowadays, you can rent or buy a house using Bitcoin or other popular crypto coins. Since blockchain is considered a more secure platform, companies are incorporating it into their platforms.

Greater Reach and Engagement

Word-of-mouth advertising has reached new heights with online real estate websites and listings. People can browse the web in search of a place they can call home. It’s easier than ever to own a property in J’Den or your preferred location and area.

Higher Level of Satisfaction

With more choices comes a higher level of customer satisfaction. A satisfied homebuyer who has a property ticking all the boxes is a happy customer. On the plus side, they are more likely to inspire others to find their own preferred properties, which in turn drives up the real estate industry.