5 Tech Tips for a Relaxing Vacation in Tanzania

Planning a trip to Tanzania and seeing what the country has to offer? Technology can be a useful tool to ensure your vacation is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Here are five tips that can help.

Apple for a Tanzania Visa Online

Rather than visiting a nearby travel company to get your papers in order, you can get your Tanzania visa with iVisa online. Visit the official website, submit the requirements, and wait for a confirmation. This eliminates a lot of going to and from places and wasting fuel. Best of all, you can apply for the iVisa anytime during the day and without waiting for the travel agency to open.

Save and Splurge on Deals and Promos

Stretch your budget without compromising on luxuries and creature comforts. One way to go about this is to wait for big deals and discounts on plane tickets and accommodations. Granted, you may not be able to pick the exact date, but then you’ll have a more enjoyable time in the end.

Popular travel platforms, official airline sites, and aggregate partners are just some of the few websites you can visit to avail of vacation promotions. You can also browse through social media sites and follow them there. Make sure to turn on notifications and subscribe so you can get alerts straight from your smartphone or computer.

Research and Plan an Itinerary via App

Note apps and planner software give you a paperless way to get an itinerary. It won’t get easily lost in the shuffle, and you can save it on your smartphone or laptop while you travel. There are plenty of app choices, from ones that come with your device to those you can download for free on the App Store or Play Store.

Along the way, you can do a bit of research on the things to do in Tanzania, including a close-up view of Mount Kilimanjaro, walking through its many national parks, or soaking up the rays on popular beaches.

Use a Tracker for Your Luggage

Lost or missing luggage can turn what’s supposed to be a stress-free vacation sour real quick. However, there are some ways how you can make sure they stay with you all the time.

Consumer tracking devices such as Tile or AirTags can go a long way, and provide you with a worry-free experience for your personal items and belongings. Also, attach a tracker to your essential items, such as your wallet and smartphone.

Review Websites for the Best Restaurants and Places

Last but not least, you can be a smart vacationer by knowing exactly where the best dining spots are in the region. There’s a reason why review sites exist and are very popular- future vacationers will have an idea of which spots are good, and which restaurants serve mediocre meals or provide poor service.

Browse through places to go and spots where you can eat lunch or dinner, then read up on the reviews to see if it’s worth it. If it sounds interesting, add it to your itinerary right away.