5 Tips to Avoid Online Scams When Shopping for a House

Online scams can catch first-time home or condo shoppers unaware, especially if they’re new to the internet. You can, however, browse through possible condo units online with relative safety if you stick to these five tips.

Stick to Official Realtor Websites

Browse possible condos only through official and reputable websites. A good way to tell if you’re in one is to check the spelling of the website and the domain. Also, if you receive a warning that the site you’re visiting is unsafe, then you should immediately close it.

If It’s Too Good To Be True…

Discerning shoppers will usually have an idea of how much a Watten House condo will cost, or any real estate property for that matter. If you come across a listing where the price seems too good to be true, it’s a sign that the advertisement is fake or connected to a scam.

Do Not Respond to Unknown Messages

Scammers usually send messages on popular mediums such as email, social media, and SMS to try and catch unsuspecting consumers. If you receive a message about a condo or property opportunity out of nowhere, then it’s probably a scam that you should ignore.

Do Not Provide Personal Information

A good rule of thumb when navigating the World Wide Web is to keep your personal details secret and not tell anyone you don’t know about it. Even if that person is posing as the owner of a property or a customer service representative, you should always think twice, especially if you weren’t the one who initiated the inquiry.

Do Not Install Any Software or Plugin

Pop-ups can appear anytime you’re on a browser. Sometimes it will ask you to install an unknown plugin or app. The best thing to do here is to look for the ‘x’ button or simply close the window and visit another website.