5 Tips to Save on Condo Utility Bills

You can typically lower your energy and water bills by looking out for power-hungry appliances and making sure there aren’t any leaks or waste. Here are five tips to maintain manageable utility costs each month.

Get a Ceiling Fan Installed

A ceiling fan in the living room or dining room eliminates the need to have an air conditioner. It lowers the temperature by a few degrees by introducing cooler air in exchange for warm air. When the summer season starts you and your family members in Marina View Residences will be more comfortable, and you’ll have a lower energy bill.

Maintain Your Plumbing

It’s recommended that you take immediate action whenever leaks and similar water issues happen. That insistent and annoying kitchen drip may not seem much but it adds up over time.

Use Energy-Efficient Modern Appliances

Modern appliances will have better and more efficient energy ratings due to tech innovations. This is true for HVACs, refrigerators, washing machines, and electric stoves, to name a few. Consider upgrading whenever you have the chance or budget.

Look for Energy Vampires

An easy and cost-free way to immediately lower your energy bill is to look for energy vampires, or appliances that are constantly plugged in and taking electricity from the grid. Go from one room to another and seek out devices that you don’t need to have 24/7, like the smart TV, microwave, or coffee maker.

Clean Once a Week

Last but not least, give your Marina View Residences condo a nice mini spring clean to eliminate dirt, dust, pollen, and micro-particles. You can help your AC, air purifier, and fans this way and make them run more efficiently. Sweep, vacuum, and wipe surfaces on a weekly basis, and do a major clean at least once a month for the best results.