Can You Have Pets in a Condo?

Would-be condo buyers often ask, ‘Can I have pets in a condo?’ before they sign an agreement or consider buying one. That said, you can take a look at these five suggestions to get answers.

Ask the Homeowners Association First

Obtain the information straight from the source so you can get a clear answer. While visiting a condo, ask the realtor or agent if the building allows pets, and the requirements or things needed for you to bring a pet with you into a unit.

Make Sure You Can Take Care of Your Pet

Having a pet around to keep you company or greet you when you come home is great, but there’s a huge responsibility attached to this. Are you able to keep your pet well-fed and have all their needs met in a timely manner? You should also consider quality time and looking after their well-being.

Shop for a Suitable Pet

It’s probably not a good idea to bring a large pet and have it live in a small space. The homeowners association may also have restrictions on the kind of pets you can bring and their sizes.

Don’t Forget Grooming and Maintenance

Active pets such as dogs will need regular cleaning and maintenance. Depending on the breed, you will probably need to have them groomed once a month or more. The same goes for veterinary bills as it’s your responsibility to ensure they’re happy and healthy.

Look for Nearby Parks

Pets need to be let out once in a while so they can enjoy fresh air and play outdoors. Pet owners will want to live in a condo like The Chuan Park where there are nearby parks that can accommodate their furry friends. When shopping for a condo, look at the area and the amenities nearby.