Nearshore Development – Benefits of using IT Outsourcing Services

A good understanding between the client and the IT team is extremely important and affects the full success of the project. Every company wants to achieve the best possible results and at the same time reduce costs. What also counts is good cooperation and the ability to effectively control and manage the project team. Nearshore development offers such opportunities. Find out what benefits come from using nearshore software services!

  • What does nearshore development mean?
  • Benefits of nearshore software development services
  • Work on software development project with IT specialists from Poland!

What does nearshore development mean?

Nearshore development is a great solution for companies that need flexible programming solutions dedicated to their type of business. The solutions created in this way meet the company’s internal requirements and enable its individual development in the designated direction.

Nearshore software development companies differ from offshore development in that the service provider is located close to its client. This may be a company in a neighbouring country or in the same geographic region. Thanks to the proximity of business culture and geographical location, communication and understanding of the direction of action are much easier to achieve in ongoing projects.

Benefits of nearshore software development services

Using the services of a nearshore software development company can be very beneficial. One of the advantages is the opportunity to work on projects where high quality standards are maintained. An example is cooperation with an IT specialist from Poland, who often work with neighbouring countries based on similar provisions, European regulations, etc. This is a way to eliminate cultural differences that could occur between business partners from two completely different parts of the world.

Another advantage is geographical proximity. If there is a need to organise a business meeting between a client and nearshore software developers, it is much easier to set up a trip to the client’s country.

Another benefit is simpler remote project management and control if you work with a nearshore software development team in the same time zone.

Nearshore software development outsourcing is very popular in Europe. It is an attractive form of outsourcing that allows you to reduce the costs of implemented IT projects.

Work on software development project with IT specialists from Poland!

The nearshore software development model provides many business benefits to a company looking for experienced IT specialists. Their many years of experience and working in a well-coordinated team are an advantage. You don’t have to create your team from scratch—you can immediately hire people with skills and expert knowledge to cooperate in this form of outsourcing software development. These are specialists, e.g. from Poland, but also from many other countries.

The nearshore custom software development service also provides the opportunity to report your need for a specific team and have it delivered, e.g. within 6 weeks. In the case of Agile nearshoring, these are teams consisting of a leader, two seniors and three regular developers.

The Agile model used by nearshore developers in IT outsourcing is a development process that involves planning, designing, developing, testing, implementing or executing a project. The Agile approach increases the chances of IT project success and minimises the risk of errors thanks to constant communication between the client and nearshore development teams.

Using the help of a nearshore development center is a very good solution for many companies and provides effective support in selecting a team that will meet the client’s expectations.