Tips to Prepare Your Bike For Your Dirt Graphics

Starting a thrilling journey of adding custom dirt graphics to your bike is a significant endeavor that allows you to show your personality and style on the trails. However, before diving headfirst into personalized decals and designs, ensuring your bike is ready for the transformation is essential. This article will explore some vital tips to aid you in setting up your bike for the whole dirt graphics makeover.

1. Cleanliness is important

Before applying any graphics, it’s ideal to begin with a clean slate. Dirt, grime, and grease can affect the adhesive properties of the graphics, leading to a less-than-optimal result. Start by thoroughly cleaning your bike, paying maximum attention to parts where the Dirt bikes graphics will be applied. Utilize a gentle cleanser and a soft brush, and ensure that the surface is dry before going to the next step.

2. Prepare the Surfaces

Once your bike is tidy, focus on surface preparation to make an ideal canvas for your dirt graphics. Lightly sand the areas where the decals will be placed to enhance adhesion. Be cautious to keep the underlying paint or finish intact. This step is crucial if your bike has an old clear coat, as it aids the graphics to adhere more effectively and ensures a lasting lifespan.

3. Select Quality Graphics Material

The longevity and visual appearance of your custom dirt graphics heavily depend on the quality of the materials you select. Go for graphics designed from durable materials to withstand the harshness of off-road adventures. High-quality vinyl with UV-resistant properties will retain its vibrant colors and resist fading and peeling over time. This ensures your bike looks stylish for the long haul.

4. Proper Application Techniques

Applying dirt graphics is an art, and precision is essential. Begin by carefully measuring and marking the placement of each decal. Utilize masking tape to make guidelines and ensure a straight and even application. Do it gradually when peeling off the backing, smoothing the graphic to eliminate air bubbles. Ensure you acquire a soft cloth in this process to ensure a seamless and professional finish.

5. Seal the Deal with Clear Coat

Once your dirt graphics are securely in place, consider applying a clear coat to secure them from the elements. This extra layer shields against dirt, debris, and UV rays, extending the durability of your graphics and preserving their vibrancy. Ensure that the clear coat is compatible with the graphics material you’ve chosen.

6. Patience and Regular Maintenance

Rushing through the application process can cause errors. Take your time, especially when aligning graphics or smoothing out bubbles. Patience ensures a professional-looking outcome that you can be proud of.

Moreover, after applying the graphics, make it a habit to perform regular maintenance. Clean your bike regularly, curbing harsh chemicals that may damage the graphics. Check for any signs of damage and handle them adequately to maintain the overall aesthetic appeal.


Transforming your bike with custom dirt graphics is a great way to make a statement on the trails. By following the above tips and taking the appropriate steps to prepare your bike, you can ensure that your graphics look impressive and stand the test of time. So, gear up, be creative, and let your motorcycle reflect the adventurous spirit that fuels your off-road passion.