U Shape Exhibition Stands

The shape of your exhibition stand will be determined by the type of stand space you have and of course, the style of stand you’d like. U Shape exhibition stands can work for all stand spaces, but ideally nothing smaller than a 3m x 3m, as you wouldn’t want the space to look too cramped or appear unapproachable.

A U Shape is made by using your chosen exhibition stand, but in a U shape configuration. This essentially covers x3 walls (left wall, back wall & right wall), leaving the front wall open as the entrance point. By covering 3 walls, you’re provided with plenty of advertising space and are able to create a fully branded exhibition space that’s immersive and engaging.

It’s possible to create a U shape exhibition backdrop within a space with a shell scheme or a stand only space. What’s the difference between a shell scheme space and stand only space?

A shell scheme space means you have a shell scheme structure as part of the stand space, this will more or less outline the shape of the stand and dictate the shape and size of stand you’ll need in order to cover the structure of the shell scheme. By selecting this type of stand space, you’ll be able to use a single sided U shape exhibition stand, as the back of the stand won’t be visible.

Alternatively, the space only stand is the floor space only, without any shell scheme or structure in place. This means that you have a little more freedom with the stand and generally won’t have a height restriction. Stand only spaces are slightly more expensive, but can be worth it when using the space well. As all 4 sides of the stand space are open, use this opportunity to brand the back of the stand with custom printed panels, reaching a larger and wider audience.

Opting for a U Shape Exhibition Stand includes a large number of panels to add customized print, creating the needed spectacle to stand out from the rest of the exhibition hall and leave a lasting impression to be remembered long after the event.