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Full Fat releases Blocky Basketball for iOS and Android

Oct 20, 2016 - UK based Full Fat today introduces Blocky Basketball 1.1, a new game title on Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon AppStore. Blocky Basketball brings fun bite-sized gameplay to Basketball with running, passing to team-mates and a multitude of alley-oops and slam dunks. Ultra easy-to-play game controls make this the easiest to play "blocky" game so far. The most fun you can have as a baller, combining realistic physics and hilarious cartoon-style animation.

Counter Assault Forces Takes First-Person Shooter Games to New Levels

Oct 20, 2016 - Ovilex Soft today announces Counter Assault Forces 1.1.0, an update to their popular adrenaline-pumping first person shooter game for iOS and Android devices. Counter Assault Forces lets you experience real shooting adrenaline. This game offers spectacularly-detailed graphics, incredibly smooth animation, outstanding sound effects, and highly responsive touch controls that are easy to use. Become the best soldier in the world! Version 1.1.0 adds new weapons.

Rock Paper Scissors - Fun Game for iMessage - Featured in 120+ Countries

Oct 14, 2016 - Bangalore based developer, AppYogi Software today announce Rock Paper Scissor 2.0 for iOS, a fun strategy/trivia game for iMessage users. Already featured in the App Store in over 120 different countries, Rock Paper Scissors aims to provide a unique gaming experience in iMessage that can be enjoyed in multiplayer mode with friends. Challenge your friends! Select your opponent, select your moves and send. Now wait for your opponent to respond and check who won.

Hack the System - Become the Ultimate Hacker

Oct 14, 2016 - Vancouver based indie game developer, Jeffrey Yim introduces Hack the System 1.0, the most intuitive hacking game on iOS devices. Capture nodes and dodge deadly firewalls with a single tap. Hack into the deepest system and compete on the global leaderboards. No two levels are ever the same. The game adapts to your skill level and generates new systems the deeper you go. The further you hack, the more difficult the systems become. How many systems can you hack? How far does the system go?

Ding Dong Delivery released for iOS and Android - Pizza Delivery

Oct 14, 2016 - UK based Abson Developments today introduces Ding Dong Delivery 1.0, the latest Secret Box developed game for iOS and Android devices. The paperboy is all grown up and has graduated to delivering hot slices of pizza around town. Take control of a huge variety of over 25 vehicles, from tanks to boats, police cruisers and all in between. Drive through towns, army camps, farms and urban cities. Dodge traffic and deliver as much food as you possibly can!

Creeps and Bounds - Endless Halloween Arcade Game Available on iTunes

Oct 13, 2016 - Just in time for Halloween, Seattle based Top Cool Fun Games today introduces Creeps and Bounds 1.1, its challenging isometric endless jumping game developed for iOS devices. In Creeps and Bounds, players can select from several different creepy characters to jump and bound over an onslaught of challenges. Survive by timing jumps over various obstacles. Pickup stars to unlock more characters and new difficulty levels. Its perfect for fans of casual isometric jumping games.

datab1ts Social Think Tank app launches with $10 Million cash prizes

Oct 13, 2016 - datab1ts Social Think Tank today announced that they are giving away over $10 million in cash prizes and a top prize of $5 million. What people think, can make them profits and has the power to create change. datab1ts free mobile app helps users profit from their thoughts and ideas. What users think, is converted into datab1ts and used to generate datab1ts profits, awareness and change. Users own the rights to share 80% of datab1ts profits and 12% is donated to charity.

Appease a Frog's Hunger in Francesco's Fly Frenzy on iOS and Android

Oct 11, 2016 - Indie game studio, Newtronium today introduces Francesco's Fly Frenzy 1.0, a fast and colorful mobile arcade game for iOS and Android devices. Featuring beautiful fly-definition graphics and animations, players must control the tongue of insatiable frog Francesco, aiming to devour as many flies as possible while simultaneously avoiding yucky wasps at all costs. Quick reflexes are key, since achieving high scores requires accurately timed taps and allows no slip-ups.

Harbor Crane Challenge on iOS, Apple TV, Android, Windows 10 Phone & PC

Oct 11, 2016 - Texas based developer, Magnin & Associates today introduces Harbor Crane Challenge 1.0, their new game title on iOS, Apple TV, and Android devices. In Harbor Crane Challenge, you are in charge of loading and unloading the massive container ship that just pulled up to your dock. Use the on-screen controllers to move the crane left and right, the container from the ship to the dock or the dock to the ship, and raise and lower the container onto the ship or the waiting truck.