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Fish Face 1.0: Crop Face Into Photos and be the next Fisher Legend

Apr 29, 2015 - Australian-based company, DW Shine and Co., today introduces Fish Face 1.0, a fish enthusiast's dream photo cropping app for iOS devices. Fish Face offers a selection of fish covering the majority of the world's oceans and seas. Users can crop their face or someone else's into an image of a fisherman holding his latest catch. Image creation is quick with easy tutorials and tips. Users can share their photo through social media, email, or SMS and become the world's most cunning fishermen.

App Camp For Girls Releases Quiz Compendium App

Apr 28, 2015 - App Camp For Girls releases the Quiz Compendium for iOS devices, a collection of 15 personality quiz apps created by middle school girls in one week at camp. Using Macs, the girls worked together in project teams from a bare-bones template in Xcode to create all the quiz content & adapt the code to make a functional quiz app. App Camp For Girls is a non-profit organization aimed at tipping the scales of gender imbalance in software with accessible educational programs focused on iOS development.

Choosr for iOS makes crowd sourcing simple, effective and fun

Apr 28, 2015 - App development company, Lexington Creative today introduces Choosr 1.0, their ground-breaking new app for iOS devices. Choosr lets people easily and accurately crowdsource opinions on virtually anything. Users pose a question and upload up to 4 options, consisting of images and/or statements, while other users vote for their preferred option. To ensure targeted and accurate answers, uploaders can filter by age and sex, while users judging can select categories that interest them.

WatchMagic is the Apple Watch App You Should Get But Not Talk About

Apr 23, 2015 - Usually app developers want people to talk about their new apps, but WatchMagic from No Tie Software is the exception. The Apple Watch plays a special role in the trick so good magicians should not reveal the secret! A user is asked to select a card using an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. First, they select the suit (Hearts, Diamonds, etc.) and then the number. Their card is then displayed and they are asked to focus on their choice. Magically, the magician guesses the card within seconds!

Suggestion Box is full of great ideas for Apple Watch

Apr 14, 2015 - UK-based developer, Soluble Apps today announces Suggestion Box 2.1 for iOS, a unique idea generation tool for improvisers and storytellers. Suggestion Box allows you to select over 1000 suggestions, from 10 different topics. Just tap any of the colourful buttons to see a suggestion from that category. This major update adds support for iOS 8 and the larger screens of iPhone 6, 6 plus and iPad, and is also our first to include support for the upcoming Apple Watch.

Introducing the Vicar's Drummer Jokes and Celebrity Guessing Game app

Apr 13, 2015 - Need a laugh? Flat Earth Studio LLC today announces that a Free version of The Vicar's Drummer Jokes and Celebrity Musician Guessing Game app is available for iOS devices. Check out the definitive collection of Drummer Jokes each told by a caricature of a famous Rockstar. Explore the world of the enigmatic music producer, The Vicar and share with your friends. Offering endless fun, enjoy the jokes, play the guessing game and try to name the Rockstars.

Native And International Algerian Live TV Channels Broadcast for iOS App

Apr 06, 2015 - LastThink LLC introduces Online Algerian TV 1.0, an extraordinary new iOS app that enables you to watch not only local but also international TV channels as well as listen to radio from all over the world. Requiring no internet connection for use, Online Algerian TV is free and allows you to access your favorite TV channel freely anywhere and anytime. Enjoy Algerian TV channels including programs, TV shows, news, movies, music and international TV channels as well.

Dr. Greenie and GP are back with a new iOS App

Mar 26, 2015 - Media RendezVous Inc. and Positive Productions Inc. have released their third interactive mobile application as a multi-platform companion to their nationally televised and award-winning children's series Planet ECHO. Now available on the Apple iTunes Store, Dr. Greenie's MadLab Trivia is an entertaining and educational iOS app starring all the characters of Planet ECHO. The MadLab's latest iOS game app is sure to tickle the trivia senses of all kids, parents and teachers who play it.

Share your hot and explosive videos with Pyro! for Messenger

Mar 25, 2015 - DynamicDust announces Pyro! for Messenger, their new and innovative iOS application. It allows users to create funny and breathtaking photos or videos with fire and explosive effect and share them with Facebook Messenger. The app combines your device camera with fire and explosion effects in real time. Just draw the fire with a finger on the screen and burn everything around you. With direct integration into Facebook Messenger you can share your hot videos and photos with your friends instantly.