FileMaker - Latest Releases

24U Software releases 24U Toolbox Plug-In 1.2

Mar 11, 2014 - FileMaker solutions provider, 24U Software today announces 24U Toolbox Plug-In 1.2, an important update to their popular data processing extension for FileMaker Pro 13. 24U Toolbox Plug-In is designed to help FileMaker developers in their daily work by providing a solid toolbox of the most commonly needed simple but powerful functions. Version 1.2 is now compatible with FileMaker Pro 13 and FileMaker Server 13 as well as adds support for 64 bit FileMaker Server.

New BaseElements version 4.5.0 for FileMaker Pro 13 Released

Feb 13, 2014 - Melbourne-based FileMaker tools developer Goya, is excited to announce BaseElements 4.5.0, an update to their incredibly popular developer tool. With BaseElements, developers can easily analyze and document FileMaker solutions. BaseElements provides a cross reference of every element in a solution and helps developers find and fix errors, track issues, document changes, and plan future development. Version 4.5.0 is a free update to version 4 that is FileMaker Pro 13 compatible.

FmPro Migrator 7.12 Adds FileMaker 13 Table Consolidation Automation

Feb 12, 2014 - California based .com Solutions Inc. has released FmPro Migrator Developer Edition 7.12 with support for FileMaker Pro Advanced 13 table consolidation projects using AppleScript GUI automation. FmPro Migrator is a stand-alone application which quickly and accurately migrates FileMaker Pro databases to MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, and much more. This release supports FileMaker Pro Advanced 11, FileMaker Pro Advanced 12 and FileMaker Pro Advanced 13 running on MacOS X 10.6 - 10.9.

FileMaker, Inc. Publishes GoZync Case Study

Jan 28, 2014 - FileMaker, Inc. has just published a success story featuring SeedCode's sync engine: GoZync. The case study highlights the synchronized iPad solution SeedCode built for Blueprint Capital. Blueprint's mobile app uses GoZync to synchronize construction inspections. GoZync manages the data transfer during sync and ensures that inspectors in the field know that their entries have been successfully pushed to Blueprint's server. SeedCode has been building FileMaker templates since 2001.

Announcing 2013 FileMaker Product Developer Conference Audio For Sale

Jan 07, 2014 - Chicago based Thorsen Consulting invites FileMaker product, plugin and application developers to purchase over a dozen audio sessions recorded for the 2013 FileMaker Product Developer Conference. Industry experts lead panel discussions and facilitated sessions to discuss high level planning and day-to-day nuances of running a software development company. Businesses interested in selling vertical solutions discussed what it takes to bring their solution to the next level.

Year-End Sale: 25% off on all FileMaker Templates and Add-Ons

Dec 17, 2013 - SeedCode today is offering 25% off on all products through December 31 as part of their Year-End Sale. Some of SeedCode's newest products that are on sale include SeedCode Subscribe, GoZync, GoMaps and SeedCode Calendar. SeedCode's year-end sale is a chance for developers to start the new year with tools that will quickly add value and new features to their solutions. All SeedCode solutions are unlocked so users can not only link them to their own work, but can modify them as needs change.

Excelisys Releases the BizTracker 4

Nov 13, 2013 - Excelisys, Inc., announced the release of The eX-BizTracker 4, the next generation of the popular flagship eX-File business productivity template for small- to medium-sized businesses. The eX-BizTracker 4 maximizes the latest innovations in FileMaker Pro(R) 12, resulting in a much leaner customizing tool which is easier to use and extend. The eX-BizTracker 4 incorporates a host of elements to enhance usability features and functionality, including CRM to manage both companies and individuals.

Goya to sponsor FileMaker Product Conference in Chicago

Sep 20, 2013 - Goya announced that they are the sponsor of the upcoming FileMaker Product Developer Conference in Chicago this October. The conference is the only event dedicated to FileMaker-based products, and is a must for developers wanting to take their own products to the next level. With over 15 sessions on business topics, technical challenges, employment, outsourcing and more, there will be plenty of information for developers to use in their own solutions.

2nd Annual FileMaker Product Developer Conference October 21-22, 2013

Sep 17, 2013 - Leading Chicago-based software development company, Thorsen Consulting invites FileMaker product, plugin and application developers to attend a special software conference, October 21-22. Industry experts will lead panel discussions and facilitated sessions to discuss high level planning and day-to-day nuances of running a software development company. Over 15 sessions include panel discussions on business topics include sales, marketing, operations and more. Registration is open now.