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AcctVantage ERP Announces ReadyShipper Support

Aug 21, 2012 - North Carolina based AcctVantage ERP announced today that it will offer integration with TrueShip's ReadyShipper shipping software package. The two companies have been working closely on the integration and are pleased to announce its immediate availability. AcctVantage ERP, a leading provider of Mac based ERP software, has provided small and medium businesses in the US and Canada with affordable, user-friendly enterprise resource planning software since 1987.

MoneyWiz for Mac gets CSV Import, Retina Artwork and Mac OS 10.8 support

Jul 24, 2012 - SilverWiz Ltd., creator of the personal finance software - MoneyWiz for Mac announced update 1.3.5. MoneyWiz is a complete personal finance software that allows people to easily manage accounts, budgets and bills, generate reports and more. The app features syncing that allows people to automatically synchronise their financial data across multiple devices. The update adds CSV import of financial statements, retina artwork and support for Mac OS X 10.8.

MaBaSoft Releases Currency Assistant 3.1.7

Jul 16, 2012 - MaBaSoft today announces Currency Assistant 3.1.7, an update to their currency converter for Mac OS X. Currency Assistant is a very flexible currency conversion calculator that provides 174 currencies, including all major circulating currencies plus the 17 Eurozone legacy currencies, allows the creation of multiple converters, and automatically updates exchange rates over the Internet. Version 3.1.7 solves the incompatibilities with Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Mac Time Billing App PandaWare TimeCache Upgraded to 9.0

Jul 11, 2012 - The PandaWare Company has released a major upgrade to TimeCache, its comprehensive time and expense billing application for the Macintosh. Version 9.0 offers users a new unified interface, is easier to use with iPhones and other Apple mobile devices, and has better payment tracking for invoices, among its many improvements. Mac users can download a free trial version at The PandaWare Company's Web site.

MoneyWorks gives mobile access to your accounting system

May 29, 2012 - Accounting software provider Cognito Software has introduced mobile access in the latest update of MoneyWorks Datacentre, the server version of its cross-platform accounting software. The technology allows authorized users of mobile devices to directly interrogate and update the central MoneyWorks server. Users can now do tasks such as submitting time sheets, recording materials used on jobs, creating invoices or orders, running reports or enquiries from anywhere, anytime.

SilverWiz Ltd. announces the release of MoneyWiz for Mac OS X

May 14, 2012 - SilverWiz Ltd., creator of the personal finance software - MoneyWiz for iPhone and iPad, is proud to announce today the release of MoneyWiz for Mac. MoneyWiz for Mac shares the same design principles and navigation as MoneyWiz for iPad, which makes it easy for existing customers to quickly get started with the Mac version. MoneyWiz for Mac also adds some new features that didn't make sense to implement on the mobile platforms, but greatly enrich the Mac OS X experience.

Vicinno significantly improves its 12C Financial Calculator Mac app

May 07, 2012 - California-based Vicinno Soft, LLC has significantly improved its 12C Financial Calculator Mac app, a powerful emulator for the well known HP 12C Financial Calculator for Mac. Identical in every aspect, the app provides a perfect emulation of the layout, functions, algorithms, capabilities, and key sequences of the original. Ideal for courses in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Math, Real Estate, and Statistics, 12C Financial Calculator is a professional application.

Chronicle Mini 2.0 Released With Bill Reminder E-mail Service

Apr 19, 2012 - LittleFin Software today announces Chronicle Mini 2.0, an update to their free bill reminder app for Mac OS X. Chronicle Mini reminds users when bills are due, right from the menu bar. Version 2.0 includes an improved design and a new e-mail reminder service. Available as an in-app purchase, the service sends the user an e-mail before each bill is due, reminding the user to make a payment even when Chronicle Mini is not running.

Virtual TimeClock '12 Makes Timecard Management Even Easier

Apr 10, 2012 - California-based Redcort Software, Inc. today announces Virtual TimeClock '12, an important update to their industry leading time and attendance software for Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows computers. Employers looking for an easier way to manage employee timecards will appreciate the new features and redesigned interface. Virtual TimeClock '12 brings simplified user time tracking, enhanced payroll integration, and centralized management tools with a modern new look.