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Milton's Tale Beautifully Mixes Puzzles and Paper Craft

Oct 01, 2015 - Jeremy(TM) and Friends today introduce Milton's Tale 1.0, a finely polished puzzle game developed for iOS and Android devices. Milton's Tale is at its core a physics puzzler. Set in a fictitious magical library, players help Milton to acquire his supply of rubber-band balls. Aiming to give people of all ages and gaming experience that "clever" feeling throughout, the game is presented entirely in a world of colored paper, and implements a unique new organic referral marketing strategy.

Real-Time Sci-Fi Strategy Game: Big Bang Galaxy Launches Globally

Oct 01, 2015 - Leading mobile application developer, Ateam Inc. today introduces Big Bang Galaxy 1.0.0, its real-time strategy sci-fi game developed for iOS and Android devices. Big Bang Galaxy tasks players with leading a military campaign in outer space. Exploring the furthest reaches of the galaxy, players must gather resources to expand and upgrade their bases, then strategically command hulking capital ships and drones in assaults on enemy bases to plunder additional resources.

Texas Hold'em Poker + 1.0.6 Brings Real Poker Action to iOS Devices

Oct 01, 2015 - Boqu Games today announces Texas Hold'em Poker + 1.0.6, an important update to their entertaining poker game for iOS devices. This game makes it easy to play against friends, and other online players. Plus, everyone receives 25,000 free poker chips just for downloading the app. There are a variety of tables for players of all skill levels that offer everyone the thrill of authentic poker competition. Version 1.0.6 brings bug fixes, and performance & stability improvements.

Mobile RPG Dungeons of Evilibrium gets new Heroes, Dungeons and More

Sep 30, 2015 - Mobile apps and games developer and publisher, Zillion Whales today announces Dungeons of Evilibrium 3.1.0, the second feature update for their popular mobile-first RPG for iOS and Android devices. Set in the soulpunk world of Mystland, players adventure deep into the dungeons, face dangerous enemies, recruit heroes and hunt precious treasures. The new update reveals major secrets beyond Mystland gods, and clashes the forces of angles and demons together.

4 or More - Entirely Unique Matching Puzzle Game for iOS

Sep 29, 2015 - UK based Red Camel Studios today is thrilled to announce the release of 4 or More - new, entirely unique type of matching puzzle game developed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. While progressing through the game, players will be introduced to a variety of game modes. Play at your own pace, race against time, melt ice blocks, and sink anchors. This minimalist, simple, and elegant design, combined with simple swipe controls, offers enjoyable gaming experience for players of all ages.

Treehoven Bear Family Activities Jigsaw Puzzles for iOS and Apple Watch

Sep 28, 2015 - Melbourne-based BNotro Software Development today introduces Treehoven Bear Family Activities Jigsaw Puzzles 1.0, their family-friendly jigsaw puzzle app for iOS and Apple Watch devices. Alice and Tom are two cheeky little bears from the Bear family, they love to make use of everything around them to have a great time. The app offers six different puzzles, each of which portray Alice and Tom engaged in a fun summer activity. So don't delay, join in on their summer adventure in Treehoven.

Cartoon Puzzle Game AZZL From Jutiful Launches Today In The App Store

Sep 28, 2015 - Jutiful today introduces AZZL 1.0 for iOS, offering a delightful new twist on logic puzzles. AZZL was designed to be intuitive to play. Users move their fingertips and are instantly transported to the world that looks like a cartoon dimension. To solve each puzzle, they must tap, move, swipe, and rotate animated pieces that include squares, zigzags, waves, hexagons, triangles, circles and more. Once the last piece is in place, a joyful cartoon is revealed that will tickle the brain.

New 4our Dots game app, features enhance classic connect-the-dots game

Sep 24, 2015 - Yunasoft Inc. today announces 4our Dots - Dots and Boxes 1.2, an update to their fun-to-play game title for iOS devices. 4our Dots - Dots and Boxes is based on the classic, time-tested game Paddocks. Close more squares than your opponent by simply connecting the dots. Now with Apple Watch support, version 1.2 updates of the former NEMO version, include new options to compete against Robot Intelligence while playing the deceptively easy connect-the-dots game.

MechBot for IOS is now available in the App Store

Sep 24, 2015 - California based Sanctuary of Darkness Design today announces MechBot 1.3, its first game title designed specifically for iPhone and iPod touch devices. Takes place in a machine world miles underground on a far away planet, MechBot is a small robot designed to do maintenance tasks. It is the job of the player to help MechBot escape from deep underground to the surface. The game is fashioned after the popular Steampunk culture and in that vein, MechBot is completely steam powered.