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Skydiving Fever now on Apple TV, Android, Windows 10 Phone and PC

Jun 17, 2016 - Texas based developer, Magnin & Associates today introduces Skydiving Fever 1.0, their new game title on Apple TV, Android, and Windows 10 Phone and PC. Previously available only on iOS, Skydiving Fever brings the excitement of skydiving to your Apple TV. Lean and turn your phone or the Apple TV Siri Remote to adjust your movement during free fall, deploy your parachute, and then control your descent and steer the parachute to land as close as possible to the target landing zone.

Real World Gaming comes to the iPhone

Jun 16, 2016 - Sensori Games today introduces City Salvation: Drone Wars 1.0, its latest game title for iOS devices. Your mission is to remotely control a military attack drone to protect downtown Dallas, Chicago and San Francisco from massive attacking robot mechs, which drop from the sky. Zoom over and between city skyscrapers at breakneck speed controlling your drone by tilting your iPhone or iPad. As you fight through each mission, your dispatcher relays the danger and details of the war's story.

Norcron releases Space Barriers for iOS/Android - Addictive Puzzle Game

Jun 16, 2016 - Georgia based Norcron today introduces Space Barriers 1.0, their new game title for iOS and Android devices. In this puzzle game, players must swipe their finger anywhere on the screen to navigate the ball through the puzzle and into the goal. Ideal for kids and adults of all ages, Space Barriers features 100 levels ranging from easy to difficult. Space Barriers promises hours of challenging fun trying to solve each puzzle. The game can help anyone train their brain and keep it mentally fit.

Tasty Candy Jelly That Will Leave You Hungry for More and Hours of Fun

Jun 15, 2016 - Tasty candy jelly that will leave you hungry for more and hours of fun! Sugar Jelly Crush app, free goes viral on the popular social networks sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Take on these deliciously sweet levels of Sugar Jelly Crush now with cookies gems. Connect matching delicious candy with jelly slime to create a flow. These tasty delicious candy and beautiful graphics make this app game brilliant, fun, challenging and unique. Sugar Jelly Crush is an addictive candy match game.

Quasi's Quest released for iOS - Harder Than Flappy Bird

Jun 14, 2016 - UK based One More Round announces Quasi's Quest 3.1, its popular action/adventure game for iOS and Android devices. Feel the adventure as you take Quasi on a quest to save the princess across a gruelling world. Navigate through hard terrains and mind-bending challenges across 7 beautifully designed levels. Each new level promises to introduce a new challenge to the players with each level slightly tougher than the previous one. Version 3.1 includes minor improvements.

Stunningly Realistic Coach Bus Simulator Offers a Fun Driving Challenge

Jun 14, 2016 - Ovilex Soft releases Coach Bus Simulator 1.0.1, an update to their very popular game title for iOS and Android devices. Coach Bus Simulator lets players select the bus of their choice, get behind the wheel, and carry passengers across stunningly detailed urban and rural landscapes. This app is complete with day/night scenes, realistic weather conditions, animated sequences of passengers entering/exiting the bus, realistic visual damage, tilt steering, turn signals, and more.

Shade Combo 1.03 is out with Two New Modes - Game about Ducks and Combos

Jun 13, 2016 - Independent developer, Yusuf Turk today announces Shade Combo 1.03, an update to his fast paced puzzle game developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. In Shade Combo, players combine lighter shade ducks to turn them into darker shades and combine darkest ducks to make them disappear. Combining them rapidly in a row starts the combo counter. The faster you play without a wrong move, higher your score gets. Version 1.03 introduces 100 Moves Mode and Hard Mode.

The Street Dice App is now available on the App and Play Store

Jun 10, 2016 - Grand Prize Network LLC today announces Street Dice 1.2, its next hit app for iOS and Android devices. Street Dice brings the classic version of craps played in the streets to mobile devices. Using the street craps rules everyone is familiar with, players can make pass or don't pass bets. Players have the ability to upgrade to over 25 custom 3D dice and 6 different battle location backgrounds. Version 1.2 offers performance improvements with a new special offer to unlock all dice and locations.

Full Fat releases Flick Soccer France 2016 for iOS and Android

Jun 08, 2016 - UK based Full Fat today introduces Flick Soccer France 2016 v1.0, a new game title on the App Store and Play Store. Featuring five game modes including nail-biting free kicks and arcade style target practice, the game is challenging with innovative controls and realistic ball physics. The beautiful game is more dazzling than ever, with new graphics for 2016, including new players, fields, time of day, weather including rain and snow, ball designs, uniforms and player animations.