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Twist and Run in Space with Galaxy Run 2 - Endless Loop

Apr 05, 2016 - Spiel Studios today announces the up-and-coming release of Galaxy Run 2 - Endless Loop, the new sequel to its immensely popular franchise. Galaxy Run 2 takes forward the one-tap gameplay from its predecessor and converts it into a 3D Endless Runner with rotating and twisting platforms. In Galaxy Run 2, players need to help get Rez and his new found friends home. Tap to Jump between platforms and run as far as you can to compete with your friends. Available this Thursday, April 7th.

Space Crescent LLC releases Balloons Ninja 2.0 for iOS/Android

Apr 05, 2016 - Space Crescent LLC announces Balloons Ninja 2.0, an update to their fun-to-play arcade game developed for iOS and Android devices. Survive the wave of balloonsI In this new challenge, players help Sho to master the Balloons Ninjutsu and to become a true balloon ninja warrior in Japan. You do that by jumping from one balloon to another. You must break the record of the previous Ninjas. Version 2.0 fixes the timer speed, and players can now see their hero when he is outside the of the screen.

Daily Chess Puzzle - the app for everyone who loves tricky chess puzzles

Mar 31, 2016 - Hamburg based mobile games publisher, LITE Games today introduces Daily Chess Puzzle 1.3.2 for iOS and Android, the first two-step chess puzzle app in cooperation with Germany's leading puzzle creator, Stefan Heine. Play daily chess challenges and learn how to play chess. The goal of this chess puzzle game is to checkmate the black king in 2 moves. Featuring two game modes, Daily Chess Puzzle features 200 challenging chess puzzles with carefully-designed graphics and texts.

Scribo - A brand new and Free head-2-head word game for iOS

Mar 30, 2016 - UK based Light Pillar today introduces Scribo - Head to Head Word Challenge 1.0, their latest word-spelling game for iOS devices. Scribo adds some devilishly addictive twists to this all popular genre! 2 friends compete with the same set of 19 random letters with only 48 seconds to spell as many words as they can. On Sundays only, the door opens for a special challenge called 'Scribo Sunday' where you have just 12 seconds to spell the highest scoring word you can.

A new kind of word game that is truly trendsetting

Mar 30, 2016 - Austin based BigBelly Productions today introduces Trivia Search 1.0, a brand new addictive word game for iOS and Android devices. Trivia Search challenges you to find the hidden word using hints and clues provided within each trivial type question. The game combines the interest of quiz questions with the challenging aspects of a word game to create a truly unique and stimulating experience. The game gets increasingly challenging as the questions get harder and the puzzle size gets larger.

Driving School 2016 Puts Users Behind the Wheel of a Car, Truck or Bus

Mar 30, 2016 - Ovilex Soft today introduces Driving School 2016, their entertaining new driving simulator app for iOS and Android devices. Players climb behind the wheel of an ultra-realistic car, truck or bus, in an effort to earn their license for any/each respective vehicle type. To succeed, users will need to demonstrate superior driving skills across multiple environments, such as cities, country roads, highways, deserts, and mountains. They'll also need to navigate various weather conditions and more.

Perfectrix releases Arrow Fire 1.0 for iOS - Tap-to-Shoot Strategy Game

Mar 30, 2016 - Perfectrix Technologies today introduces Arrow Fire 1.0, a high quality tap-to-shoot strategy game developed for iOS and Android devices. Featuring over a 100 levels, Arrow Fire is a skill based archery game that everyone from children to grown-ups will be able to enjoy. Delivering hours of gameplay, players must shoot a moving target with their arrow while avoiding obstacles. The game become faster and difficult as you progress through levels.

Model Railroad Set now available on Apple TV

Mar 25, 2016 - Texas based developer, Magnin & Associates has released Model Railroad Set 1.0, their new game title on Apple TV. Model Railroad Set lets you relive the childhood joy of playing with a virtual model train set. Create your own model railroad from an extensive menu of train cars, track pieces, roadways, automobiles, rivers, buildings, trees and other items. The free version allows driving the train on several built-in layouts or any that you receive via email (using iOS v1.2 ) from friends.

Dinos Online 1.1 released for iOS/Android - New Mobile Dinosaur Game

Mar 25, 2016 - 1Games today announces Dinos Online 1.1, its new mobile game developed for iOS and Android devices. In this action adventure game, players must hunt enormous kinds of dinosaurs and living things, as well as protect their tribe from the threat and attacks of other tribes. The combat is focused on one of four tribes, Velociraptor, Dilophosaurus, Compsognathus and Oviraptor. Run, find and hunt a prey to survive to grow faster and more strongly than other dinosaur tribes.