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Filled with heroic adventures & hails of ammunition it's Tons of Bullets

Sep 22, 2016 - FredBear Games Ltd and PlayPlayFun LLP together introduce Tons of Bullets! 1.0, their new retro 2D mobile platformer for iOS and Apple TV. Players must control Kenji as he fights his way from mission to mission in a bid to rescue his girlfriend from the claws of her kidnapper, his arch-nemesis Dr Mad. Developed with the venerable classics Metroid and Castlevania in mind, this game's growing fanbase often refers to it as MetroidVania. It fuses beautiful, 2D pixel art graphics with modern effects.

Square Borne Farm - A Unique Physics Adventure for iOS and Android

Sep 19, 2016 - North Carolina based Chomp Chomp Apps today introduces Square Borne Farm 1.0, their new challenging physics puzzle adventure developed for iOS and Android devices. Square Borne Farm uses unique game mechanics to provide a fun and immersive experience. Choose from a variety of cute characters to play through over 100 fun packed levels. Players can compete with their friends through leaderboards and achievements. It is simple to pick up and play with enough challenges to satisfy anyone.

Mort's Minion for iOS - Side-Scrolling Adventure RPG - Coming 9/25/16

Sep 19, 2016 - Base11 Studios, Ltd announces the up and coming release of Mort's Minions, a side-scrolling adventure RPG for iOS devices. You are a leader of your people, the rulens. You're on a quest to understand the mysterious attack of a race your people have lived in harmony with for years, the minions. Travel the 4 worlds, defeat your enemy and look for clues to the origin of the new conflict. Mort's Minions was built for everyone with enough depth to engage even the most dedicated gamers. Coming 9/25.

Haypi Co., Ltd releases Mush War for iOS - MOE-Style Tower Defense Game

Sep 19, 2016 - Haypi Co., Ltd. has released Mush War 1.0.0, their new MOE-style Tower Defense game developed for iOS devices. Mush War offers absolutely thrilling game play with different challenges and themes. The mushroom prince has started his adventure to find the legendary Castle of Dreams in the Clouds. Endless magic has been bestowed upon the Royal Guard, so they can defend the Prince and lead him to the Enchanted Land. Haypi's Mush War offers a wide variety of game modes, hidden levels and more.

Paradise War Has Received a Major Update to Enhance MMO Features

Sep 15, 2016 - Enjoy Game announces that Lineage War, their exciting new action-RPG title, is renamed Paradise War from this updated version 0.13 on iOS and Android devices. There are more exciting MMO contents updated, including Cross server Abyss Dungeon, summon Boss system & Manual system. With an addictive multiplayer gameplay and immersive storyline, Paradise War allows heroes to challenge and team up with people around the world into guilds war, boss battle, PVP hunting area and other addictive option.

Airhole 1.0 released for iOS and Android - Simple One-Tap Control Game

Sep 12, 2016 - Spider Key Games today introduces Airhole 1.0, their new challenging casual game for iOS and Android devices. Airhole is a minimal one-tap game where the player's goal is to clear all the balls using one or more air holes. The player just taps the screen when a ball is exactly above the air hole and does not intercept its boundary. If you succeed, the progress ball on top becomes bigger and the level is complete when the progress circle around it is full.

Clan of Aircraft Live 1.0.1 comes to iOS and Android platform for free

Sep 09, 2016 - Creator and publisher of mobile flight and simulation games, OneWorld LLC today introduces Clan of Aircraft 1.0.1, its high-flying aerial combat title on iOS and Android platforms. Clan of Aircraft is a free-to-play, action-packed modern air combat game that allows players to compete in real-time multiplayer battles over 3G/4G and WiFi connection. Clan of Aircraft features next-gen 3D graphics with Retina display support to deliver an eye-popping experience in a 360-degree aerial battlefield.

Full Fat releases All Star Quarterback 17 - Football Lifestyle Sim

Sep 08, 2016 - UK based Full Fat today introduces All Star Quarterback 17 - Football Lifestyle Sim v1.0, their new game title on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon AppStore. Live the life of an All Star Quarterback! Lead your team to glory in the ultimate football simulation with real-time game reporting. Handle relationships with your coach, agent, fans and more. Train, learn playbooks and earn trades to new teams. Follow the twists and turns of a real football sports career.

BaliFied 1.11 released for iOS - Popular Turn Based Word Game

Sep 07, 2016 - Dragon Game Studio today releases BaliFied - Word Game of the Gods 1.11, an important update to their highly popular turn-based word game. With rave reviews from both press and users alike, BaliFied mixes the skills from word games with the strategy and excitement from card games. Play against your Facebook friends, your BaliFied friends or against random word game lovers all around the globe. Version 1.11 introduces in-game notifications that takes the game to a whole new level.