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Pretty Good Solitaire for Mac - 550 Solitaire Card Games

Oct 07, 2014 - Goodsol Development today announces Pretty Good Solitaire version 3 for Mac, an updated solitaire game collection with 550 different solitaire games. 50 games are new in this version. Pretty Good Solitaire is solitaire the way it was meant to be. Pretty Good Solitaire includes the popular games Klondike, FreeCell, Spider, Yukon, Scorpion, Pyramid, Crazy Quilt, Golf, Cruel and more. It has unlimited undo and redo functions, allowing you to go back to the beginning.

Space 2048 for Mac OS Released

Oct 03, 2014 - New York based RoGame Software announces the release of Space 2048 for Mac OS. Space 2048 recreates the 2048 game in outer space with amazing visuals, animations and the universe as background. It has great sound effects, includes a soundtrack and has you move entire planets to get to your score in style, surrounded by asteroids, suns and galaxies. Space 2048 is the full game - no add ons needed and it makes for great entertainment for the entire family.

Viking Saga: New World Released on Mac

Sep 26, 2014 - Today Realore announces the release of the second installment of its renowned resource-management series Viking Saga on Mac. Viking Saga: New World follows up the events that took place in the first game. Prosperous kingdom of Viking King Ingolf is in grave danger because of the horrible plague. The game features a wide variety of level goals and several mini-games to freshen-up the resource-management aspect of the game.

Team Indie - Steam Launch Trailer published - Release on October 9th

Sep 26, 2014 - Independent game development studio, Brightside Games has announced Team Indie their up and coming game title for Mac and PC. A wide selection of indie game characters teams up in Brightside Games' latest title. Play coop with your own previous runs and bend time to master puzzles and action sequences. With their combined skills they cooperatively help Marvin the cat to jump 'n run through the video game world. Team Indie will be released on Steam for Mac and PC on October 9th 2014.

Realore introduces Viking Saga for Mac - New Resource Management Game

Sep 04, 2014 - Realore introduces Viking Saga 1.0, its new resource management game for Mac OS X. Exciting adventures of young Ingolf await players in this story filled with magic, treachery and brave feats. Every level of the game is full of obstacles to overcome and beautiful sights to gaze at. During the course of the game Ingolf will travel to the faraway lands, meet their inhabitants, and search for the wise Druid who might be able to save his father from the curse.

Brawlerz : Nitro for Mac and PC is now on Steam Greenlight

Aug 27, 2014 - Australia based Bail! Enemy Jet and Rum Theory announces their new Steam Greenlight project for Brawlers : Nitro. The game offers fast paced retro arcade style gameplay, RPG elements and multiplayer all rolled into one super slick package. Choose the car that suits your strategy: it's a reflection of your inner maniac. This isn't a death race or rally, it's a fight to the death, pure and simple! The game supports Mac, Linux and Windows computers.

Veterans of Square-Enix, Capcom & SEGA, announce X-Tactics crowd funding

Aug 08, 2014 - GAMKIN Inc., formed by veterans of Square-Enix, Capcom and SEGA, announced today they have begun a crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform for their latest game: X-Tactics. X-Tactics, is an episodic RPG, set in the modern world, that combines tactical gameplay with elements of urban exploration. The game is targeted at iOS devices, Android & Google Glass. The campaign will last until September 15.

Age of Discovery in Adelantado Trilogy. Book One on Mac OS

Jul 23, 2014 - Realore today introduces the first chapter in the game trilogy about brave Spanish officer and explorer. Adelantado Trilogy. Book One is now available for download for Mac. The story of the game begins in the 16th century during the Age of Discovery. The players mission is to advance through colorful jungles. As they explore the ruins of an ancient civilization, players can achieve main goals such as discovering new territory, saving survivors, sending gold to the Queen and finding secrets.

Blam! Games announces Ghost's Joy promotion campaign

Jul 08, 2014 - Blam! Games is pleased to announce the start of their Ghosts' Joy promotional campaign on Steam Greenlight and IndieGoGo. Ghosts' Joy is a new free-to-play strategic game with RPG elements, where you can enter any house to scare its inhabitants with the help of your ghosts. The player's main goal in each house is to move them out of the house and to get resources - fear points and plasma. Manage these resources to upgrade conquered buildings, restore and develop your ghosts and compete in PvP.