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Classic Solitaire HD comes to desktop Macs

Apr 02, 2014 - RunServer today introduces Classic Solitaire HD for Mac OS X, a precise copy of the original Klondike Solitaire card game included with millions of copies of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Classic Solitaire HD looks and feels just like the old game played for countless hours worldwide, but it contains high resolution cards carefully redrawn for Retina displays. Graphics were created manually to match the original, and it features standard and Vegas scoring, and timed and untimed play.

Braveland released for Mac OS X - New Tale for New Heroes

Mar 19, 2014 - Tortuga Team today introduces Braveland 1.0, their new turn-based game title for Mac OS X. Braveland is inspired by old-school strategies with an awesome hexagonal battlefield. You start as a humble warrior's son whose village was cruelly raided by bandits and use your wits and skill to become a commander of your own army. Braveland features 50 battles that will test your tactical skill, 26 unit types to populate the battlefield, intense boss fights, character development, and more.

AcChen 1.0 - An Addicting, Find the Matching Tile, Board Game for OSX

Feb 24, 2014 - Stefan Preuss today introduces AcChen 1.0 for Apple's OS X operation system. AcChen is a simple to learn, arcade style "find the matching tile" type of game. Clear the board by finding two items with identical symbols. Master the 60 different levels and 12 bonus maps in the single player campaign. Every 5th level you play is a bonus level. Unlock new levels by beating the clock or play in 'chill mode' without any pressure: no timer, no score just happy tile hunting.

Island Tribe 4 Mac is released

Feb 06, 2014 - Realore today announces, after being released on PC and iOS platforms Island Tribe 4 comes to the Mac owners. The 4th installment of Island Tribe takes players on an epic journey through time. After defeating the Evil Shaman in Island Tribe 3 the tribesmen found out that he was not that bad of guy. Shaman is an ex-pirate who has been cursed after finding a magic mask. In order to break the curse of this mask the islanders will have to travel through time to Ancient Egypt, China and Scandinavia.

GhostControl Inc. for Mac/PC/Linux shipping - Ghostly Strategy Game

Jan 30, 2014 - UK based Application Systems today introduces GhostControl Inc. 1.0.7, its new turn based strategy game for Mac/PC/Linux. Manage a team of ghosthunters and free London from paranormal terror in turn-based battles. Develop your own strategy and build your business well. Featuring 18 different ghost types and numerous variations with a nifty AI, GhostControl Inc. offers challenging boss fights with special scripting and a story line for each of them.

Fly and Swim around Caribbean Sea with Rasty Pelican - New Game for OS X

Jan 27, 2014 - baKno Games today introduces Rasty Pelican 1.0.1, their new desktop game for OS X. Players control Rasty the Pelican by flying and swimming around the Caribbean sea. In addition to avoiding different obstacles like fishing boats and palm tree islands, Rasty must avoid natural dangers like sharks and whales while maintaining his energy and oxygen levels. Collecting as many coins as possible, players can help Rasty restore his energy with by capturing fish.

Time to Go Rogue - Blackguards RPG Now Available Worldwide

Jan 22, 2014 - Blackguards, the new turn-based RPG from Daedalic Entertainment, is now available worldwide for Mac and PC on Steam and GOG. Blackguards offers strategic combat and combines the studio's high standards of storytelling and unique characters with thrilling action and an elaborate 3D environment. The player takes on the role of a convicted murderer, accompanied by a group of no less dubious characters. Challenging quests lead the player through a dark story of doubt, treachery and loss. Announces Indie Mac Bundle

Dec 27, 2013 - is pleased to announce the Indie Mac Bundle, a one-of-a-kind compilation of 10 amazing Indie Mac games (developed by independant game developers) for just $19.95. The bundle, available exclusively at, is available now, Friday, December 27th and ends January 5th, 2014. Bought seperately, the 10 games would cost over $100 but through the bundle, users can save over 80 percent off the regular price.

A new time-management game When in Rome gets a Mac release

Dec 19, 2013 - Realore today is proud to announce a release of its latest title When in Rome for the Mac OS. This game was previously created for the PC platform and topped the charts of major casual game portals. The game brings the experience of building settlements on the frontier of ancient Rome to even broader audience. The players control a group of settlers who gather resources, build camps and cities. Players visit 4 different types of locations and test their skills exploring 41 challenging levels.