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Rainbow Crush Pop - The Next Flappy Bird?

Jul 06, 2016 - Indie Developer, Upsilon Dynamics Inc. today announces Rainbow Crush Pop 1.2, a popular and new game title developed for iOS and Android devices. Play as a brave and mighty hard candy whose mission is to hop through pillars of rainbow crushers. Tap once to hop, wait for the path to open up. Tap again, and keep tapping to see how far you can go or get completely crushed. The owner and CEO talks of inspirations and dreams of success for their latest mobile game.

Colors + Shapes 1.0 released for iOS and Android - Fun Matching Game

Jul 05, 2016 - Lisbon based MakeProg Technologies today introduces Colors + Shapes 1.0, its colors and shapes matching game developed for iOS and Android devices. Colors + Shapes is a simple-to-play game for kids and adults where players must match shapes with colors as they move beautifully and continuously. You can increase/decrease the speed of scrolling and bouncing and the difficulty of the game gradually increases with each level. You have more than 2000 levels to play and enjoy.

On5 releases BREXIT! for iOS and Android - A big European dilemma

Jul 05, 2016 - On5 today introduces BREXIT! 1.2.2, their new game title for iOS and Android devices. BREXIT! is not only a name for a big european dilemma, but a game, too. The Brexit, an abbreviation of "British exit," refers to the possibility of Britain's withdrawal from the European Union. In this game you control a double-decker driving on a european highway. The only problem is that the bus is driving against the entire traffic and the player has to solve this problem by quickly switching lanes.

Enjoy Game Launches Lineage War Globally with Multi-language Version

Jun 30, 2016 - Enjoy Game today introduces Lineage War 0.12, their exciting new action-RPG title for iOS and Android devices. With an addictive multiplayer gameplay and immersive storyline, Lineage War allows heroes to challenge and team up with people around the world into guilds war, boss battle, PVP hunting area and other addictive options. Players can summon inner demon and experience fast-paced action by casting Quick Time Event skills with gorgeous visuals and animations during thrilling battles.

Dynasty Blades released for iOS & Android - Be a real Dynasty Warrior

Jun 30, 2016 - Shenzhen Ezfun Interactive Technology Co., Ltd. today announces Dynasty Blades 1.3.9, an update to their popular game title for iOS and Android devices. Dynasty Blades is an action game with Romance of the Three Kingdoms theme. Hack through enemies as the mighty Warrior, slash them with the lightning-fast Dual Blade, summon storms down upon them as the Fan Mage, or shoot them down with the magic Firelock. Version 1.3.9 includes bug fixes and optimization.

Announcing Ditopa - A Fantastic New Brick Breaker for iOS devices

Jun 30, 2016 - Indie developer, Josip Pavic today introduces Ditopa - A Fantastic New Brick Breaker 1.0, a fast-paced and exciting brick breaker game developed for iOS devices. Featuring easy controls and addictive gameplay, Ditopa leverages the devices' touch user interface & high-end graphics engine, allowing players to easily control the paddle & bounce the ball of the bricks. Game Center Leaderboards are implemented into the game, so you can compare your score with other players from all around the world.

Heavy Metal Tennis Training - An 8-Bit Game for iOS and Android

Jun 29, 2016 - Berlin based Shape Minds UG today is proud to announce the release of Heavy Metal Tennis Training 1.0, a simple but challenging 8-Bit game for iOS and Android. The player has to take down an evil tennis machine outside a mansion while listening to 8-Bit inspired Heavy Metal music. The game concept sounds simple, and in fact it was the goal of the publishers to bring back nostalghia in graphics and gameplay, reminding older players of their happy youth in the 80ies.

Sale Announced on The Old Win Downtown Casino on iOS

Jun 27, 2016 - London based Apps Genie Limited today announces a promotion for The Old Win Downtown Casino - Classic Vegas Games & Slots to Play! Created to provide users an authentic retro Vegas Slots machine experience this game is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The app features vibrantly designed user interface, highlighted by its extremely responsive and straightforward game controls. Throughout next week app shoppers will be able to get The Old Win Downtown Casino for Free.

Banana Cloud 1.0.3 released for iOS - Collect as many bananas as you can

Jun 27, 2016 - Independent developer, Evgeny Radokhlebov today announces Banana Cloud 1.0.3, his entertaining game for iOS devices. A challenging game with unique mechanics and a minimalist look, Banana Cloud is an infinite side-scroller based on physics. The objective is to control the cute monkey, and collect as many bananas as you can. But this is not as simple as it seems. Version 1.0.3 offers a new tutorial, includes new achievements as well as items as rewards.