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eCard Express surpasses 260 greeting cards and frames for iPhone, iPad

Apr 04, 2012 - Bartsoft Inc., has published a new Easter update for both the iPhone and iPad versions of eCard Express and eCard Express HD. The update includes new greeting cards and frames for Easter, Frames, Baby Cards, Love and Friendship, Travel and Graduation categories. All of these new cards are free of charge for all current eCard Express users. eCard Express now offers a total of more then 260 greeting cards and frames in 18 different categories.

Chinese Jesus iPhone App For Easter

Apr 04, 2012 - Personal Jesus builds a new bridge to bring the message of Jesus closer to the Asian community and to young generations everywhere. He comes dressed with a Maoist outfit and with Asian features. He is animated for children to relate to. He wants to reach everyone with Words of Tolerance, Love and Unity. He comes in the form of the Asian community he addresses. He comes dressed with a Maoist outfit and with Asian features. He is animated for children to relate to.

Find your Love and strengthen your feelings with SoulMate

Apr 04, 2012 - Seoul based Cherry has announced a recent update of SoulMate(Couple Solo Essential App) for the iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch. SoulMate is essential app for both couple and singles as it helps single people find a soulmate while couples can enhance and deepen their relationships sharing their schedules, anniversary dates, photos, memo notes and much more. SoulMate is a universal app designed for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is available now on the App Store in Lifestyle category.

DishPal App Featured in Over 100 Countries in iTunes What's Hot Section

Apr 04, 2012 - SK planet today announced that DishPal was recently featured in the "What's Hot" section of the iTunes App Store in over 100 countries. DishPal brings an international perspective to users as people share their favorite food finds from around the globe. It gives users the ability to create mobile "Potluck Parties", themed events where users can share pictures of similar food, as well as a "Magazine" feature, which allows users to create their own "best of" menu.

iCasualTours 1.5.1 for iOS has been released on the App Store

Apr 03, 2012 - Independent software developer, Arseniy Kuznetsov today announces iCasualTours 1.5.1, the latest update to this personal travel app for iOS devices. iCasualTours helps capture, organize, and share your personal travel experience. A casual walk or a two-weeks vacation, the app will help you remember it as it happened and share it with your friends. Now Free, version 1.5.1 features UI Improvements, includes 3 upload and sharing actions, with additional action credits available via In-App Purchase.

Star Jar: Award and Reward Star-worthy behaviour

Apr 03, 2012 - Duchy Software today is pleased to announce Star Jar for iOS devices. Star Jar takes the paper-based child reward system to a digital age, and helps further encourage amazing behaviour within our families. As an innovative, engaging and fun way to transfer Star-worthy acts across multiple devices, the Pour to Sync feature leverages mobile technology to capture awards on the go in an instant. The evidence based rewarding system also acts as a journal that everyone can be proud of.

Life Inventory / Greater Self-Understanding for All Aspects of Life

Apr 02, 2012 - Indie developer James Hollender today announces Life Inventory 2.0, an update to his Lifestyle app that guides users in creating their own Moral Inventory, which can provide greater self-understanding of their personality, strengths, and weaknesses. While requiring a significant investment of time, the Inventory allows users to analyze their reactions to: People, Institutions and Organizations; Principles, Ideals and Beliefs; Sources of Anxiety and Excitement; Fears; and Sex Relations.

Get All Questions Answered With Free Tarot Card Reading on iPad/iPhone

Mar 31, 2012 - Internet Design Zone today introduces Tarot Card Reading 1.0, a totally free app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Will there be problems in your job? Will you become a millionaire? Will your love life blossom in the next year? Will you travel soon? With this Tarot app, one can get answers to such questions instantly from the ancient Tarot Cards. The app gives simple to understand, precise answers. All the 74 Tarot cards including 22 Major Arcana and 52 Minor Arcana are used to give predictions.

CraiglyCam 3.0 adds posting camera and retina graphics for iPads

Mar 28, 2012 - Austin based Mother Tucker, LLC today announces CraiglyCam 3.0, the Craigslist photo posting camera app for camera-equipped iOS devices. CraiglyCam offers users the fastest method for posting photos to Craigslist. It also gives users full control of the camera hardware, auto and manual uploading to Facebook/Flickr/Twitter, photo timers, photo filters, and many other features. Version 3.0 introduces a new posting camera and retina graphics for iPads.