Productivity - Latest Releases

Bez is a Powerful New Illustration App for iPad Pro

Apr 12, 2016 - Juicy Bits today introduces Bez 1.0, a powerful vector graphics editor that makes it easy to create art on an iPad Pro. Bez is a flexible and professional tool for designing high-quality illustrations. It offers unlimited layers and groups for flexible document organization with support for multiple graphic styles per object. With full support for Slide Over, Split View, Smart Keyboard, and Apple Pencil, Bez was created from the ground-up to support touch interaction and a tablet device. for iPhone - Re-imagining Org Charts for Sales Professionals

Apr 12, 2016 - UK based SLiCK Concepts Ltd introduces 1.1, a brand new contact management and org chart app developed for iOS. Aimed squarely at sales professionals, re-imagines the creation of org charts. You don't have to create the org chart, does it for you automatically. You simply organise your contacts into the company hierarchy and the org chart is created. Even better, you can swipe up and down on a contact to instantly see who a contact reports to, and who reports to them.

System Monitor for iOS - Now updated with 3D touch and Real Time Graphs

Apr 11, 2016 - Tekton Technologies today announces System Monitor 3.5 for iOS 9.0, a comprehensive health check for iOS devices, now updated with 3D touch as shortcut on the icon to quickly open the App view, and provides real time graphs. The App monitors the memory usage, battery life, and disk information. System Monitor helps to free memory and speed up the iOS device. It provides a brilliant graphical presentation of entire device information and provides useful battery tips and memory tips as well.

CREATEit 1.7 - iPad App for Producing and Presenting Compelling Visuals

Apr 07, 2016 - Wildwood Resources today announces CREATEit Pro 1.7, an important update to their presentation creation app for the iPad. CREATEit combines features from PowerPoint, PhotoShop, and Director and uses a simple flash card metaphor to provide you with a new creative tool and a new platform to share your ideas and wisdom. Add paint, text captions, graphic items and sound to any image and save to a slide deck for presentation. Create your own animated items and export them to share with others.

Together 1.5 for iPad and iPhone Released

Apr 07, 2016 - Reinvented Software today announces Together 1.5 for iOS. Together was specifically developed for keeping things in one place. Notes, documents, images, movies, sounds, web pages and bookmarks can all be tagged, previewed and collected in different ways. Version 1.5 introduces background updates for iCloud libraries, tags and search capabilities in the document picker extension, improvements for working with items, groups, folders and labels, Spotlight search results, Handoff and more.

Tropical Software releases TopXNotes Pro 1.5 for iOS

Apr 07, 2016 - From the One Spark Crowd Funding Festival in Jacksonville, Florida, Tropical Software today announces TopXNotes Pro 1.5, the third leg of their freemium tripod of apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. TopXNotes Pro features note creation and editing in landscape and portrait modes, emailing a note, backup/restore to the device, and so much more. TopXNotes Pro features note sharing and encryption, in addition to all the features of TopXNotes, along with WiFi NoteSync to TopXNotes for Mac.

Creaceed releases Collectarium 1.0 - An iPad app to Organize Collections

Apr 07, 2016 - Creaceed today introduces Collectarium 1.0 for iPad, a new application for managing collections. Collectarium lets you capture and store any number of collections, including images, descriptions, and custom data for any objects. Collectarium lets you organize collections at 3 different levels, including Cards, Series, and Collections. An integrated image gallery makes it easy to tag and review collectibles, and custom data fields can be added easily.

Rendezvous Appointment Book - Now a Universal App for iPad and iPhone

Apr 05, 2016 - California based Rendezvous Enterprises today announces Rendezvous Appointment Book 2.0, an update to their popular productivity app developed for iOS devices. Now a Universal app, Rendezvous Appointment Book offers an effortless way to create and manage appointments for businesses that serve many clients a day. Appointment reminders can be directly sent by email from the iPad. Plus, complete client and appointment data is synced between the iPad and iPhone and backed up to iCloud or iTunes.

Notesero 1.0 for iPhone - A Beautifully Crafted Notes App For Daily Use

Apr 04, 2016 - Velvet Rock Apps today introduces Notesero 1.0, their brand new note taking app for for iPhone. Featuring a beautifully polished interface, Notesero is perfect for day-to-day use. The app safely backs up the users data to iCloud and offers password protected folders to keep notes private and away from prying eyes. Notesero provides an intuitive design that focuses on user experience with the knowledge that all data is persistent and safely synced to iCloud.