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Baby Name Together App:Searching for a baby names becomes simple and fun

Sep 01, 2015 - Linkinet announces Baby Name Together 1.6.5, a new and free application for iOS and Android devices. Baby Name Together lets each parent create a list of their favorite baby names on their phone, and see which of the selected names they have in common. The app compares the two lists in real-time and produces a joint list, only containing names mutually selected by both parents. Searching for a baby names becomes simple and fun! No more headache or endless discussion!

12-Steppers: Having Trouble Starting Your Moral Inventory - iOS Solution

Aug 24, 2015 - For those having difficulty getting started on Step 4, the dreaded "Moral Inventory," there's an iOS solution for that. Indie developer James Hollender's Life Inventory apps provide a step-by-step method leading you through this otherwise difficult task. Based on tried and true methods developed by George, who spent 25 years in the program finally figuring out what was needed and how to accomplish it easily, "digging out of the dungeon, from sand to granite" in an orderly fashion.

Astreea Inc. introduces Cliick for iOS - Interactive Newsfeed

Aug 24, 2015 - San Francisco based startup, Astreea Inc. today introduces Cliick 1.0.2, its new lifestyle app for iOS devices. Cliick is an interactive newsfeed that allows users to connect with like-minded people in their area organically as they browse through trending content. The app aggregates trending content continuously from major publishers currently in four categories. Popularity of each content is determined based on the number of likes/shares/comments/tweets it received on social media.

WeatherBrush Lets People Say Goodbye to Dreaded Bad Hair Days

Aug 20, 2015 - Created by WeatherBrush, LLC, WeatherBrush 1.0.1 is a no-cost iOS app that takes the guesswork out of daily styling by providing users with real-time weather data for their location, including current conditions, and both hourly and 7-day forecasts. The app offers a brilliant Diary feature that helps users learn how they should style their hair based on prevailing or predicted weather conditions. Users simply take selfies, and add tags and comments describing any relevant hair-related details.

New dating app will save your marriage, even if you got caught cheating

Aug 18, 2015 - Cable Car Apps LLC announces Rejoin Your Ex 2.0, an update to its lifestyle app developed for iOS and Android devices. Relationships don't just end with goodbye. Rejoin Your Ex is the modern way to get your ex back, one tap at a time. The app uses information about your specific relationship to put you in the best possible situation to get back the spark you had with this person. Version 2.0 offers a new redesign featuring new Phases, more content and new in app purchases.

TopLineSoft Systems Releases Zetware: Geolocation Messenger For Shoppers

Aug 13, 2015 - TopLineSoft Systems today announces Zetware 2.0, a new mobile app that connects shoppers to businesses of interest using an instant messaging service with geolocation. Businesses and shoppers are able to open accounts using the app and then shoppers can send messages to nearby businesses to inquire about products or services. The messaging service behind Zetware ensures privacy and confidentiality of communication. Businesses can send messages only to conversations started by customers.

Get The Best Cool HD Wallpaper App for iPhone, iPod and iPad Free

Aug 13, 2015 - Rise Up Labs today announced that HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds has been ranked #1 in more than fifty countries, as well as featured in iTunes in more than hundred countries. HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds is one of the best iPhone wallpaper apps with over 1,000,000 beautiful themes & skins for lock screen and home screen. This app features more than 300 categories, with each category offering lots of cool retina wallpapers which might make this app wealthy to the wallpaper lovers.

Parenting app Baby Monitor 3G introduces new Activity log feature

Aug 12, 2015 - Baby Monitor 3G is a popular cross platform app for parents who want to stay in touch with their children, even when the little ones are sleeping. The app is available for iOS, Mac and Android operating systems, compatible in any combination and is used by more than half million parents worldwide. A recently released update brought new a special feature of Activity log that allows parents to retrieve information on what was happening while they were off their phone.

DayGram - One line a Day Diary for iPhone and Android

Aug 11, 2015 - Seoul based SaltyCrackers today announces the release of Daygram 1.2.8, an update to their simple and intuitive diary app developed for iOS and Android devices. Daygram was designed to record experiences and thoughts through out a day. One Line a Day. The DayGram app gives you a way to write down everything you are feeling, every day with an intuitive interface. Version 1.2.8 offers stability and performance improvements as well as very minor bug fixes.