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MemoryGapp - The memory sharing app for those suffering from Alzheimer's

Sep 17, 2015 - HalloMedia today announces the up-and-coming release of MemoryGapp, their new mobile app for iPhone and iPad devices. MemoryGapp allows friends and family to tag and create memorable photographs with real voice recordings, and share those memories with loved ones suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia related conditions. Audio-enhanced photographs are available for patients and family members to access on-demand, at any time. Available on the App Store on September 21st.

Spiritual Me 1.0 - Focus, Refresh, and Maintain Spiritual Awareness

Sep 10, 2015 - Independent developer, Adrian Ramirez today announces the release of Spiritual Me 1.0 for iOS devices. Using a series of meaningful exercises each day, Spiritual Me is a new way for anyone to focus their mind, refresh their spirit, and maintain awareness of their emotions. The app inspires users via nature, art, and scripture, while guiding them through a series of short, easy to follow exercises. Users can review their progress, share their artwork, and unlock achievements along the way.

Foodworthy is reinventing the way people discover food

Sep 04, 2015 - Available now for iOS, Foodworthy 1.1 is a powerful, simple way to find and share photos of the hottest local food. Foodworthy gives users the ability to capture their meal and get up-to-date results of the most popular food in their area. Users have immediate access to the information they care about most - appetizing photos of food worth eating. With every photo shared, users can include a short review, price range and Foodworthy's signature emoji-based rating.

TooNight Turns Regular Evening into a Legendary Night Out with Friends

Sep 04, 2015 - TooNight 2.1 by Aedima lets users swipe through a list of their friends to discover where they are and who they're with, so they can make plans for an unforgettable, legendary night of fun and adventure. The new no-cost iOS app also lets users can also find new friends and connect via in-app messaging or Facebook. Patrons can use the app's built-in messaging platform to connect with their friends and make plans, and put in motion what promises to be an unforgettable night. Launches Online Roommate Finder and iOS App in California

Sep 01, 2015 - today announced it is now available across California online and via its newly launched iOS app. By answering questions about interests, opinions, lifestyle and housing needs,'s smart algorithm connects potential roommates based on personality matching. is a more efficient way to find a roommate, and is the only roommate finder that uses a unique matching algorithm to bring like-minded people together. There is a perfect roommate for everyone!

Baby Name Together App:Searching for a baby names becomes simple and fun

Sep 01, 2015 - Linkinet announces Baby Name Together 1.6.5, a new and free application for iOS and Android devices. Baby Name Together lets each parent create a list of their favorite baby names on their phone, and see which of the selected names they have in common. The app compares the two lists in real-time and produces a joint list, only containing names mutually selected by both parents. Searching for a baby names becomes simple and fun! No more headache or endless discussion!

12-Steppers: Having Trouble Starting Your Moral Inventory - iOS Solution

Aug 24, 2015 - For those having difficulty getting started on Step 4, the dreaded "Moral Inventory," there's an iOS solution for that. Indie developer James Hollender's Life Inventory apps provide a step-by-step method leading you through this otherwise difficult task. Based on tried and true methods developed by George, who spent 25 years in the program finally figuring out what was needed and how to accomplish it easily, "digging out of the dungeon, from sand to granite" in an orderly fashion.

Astreea Inc. introduces Cliick for iOS - Interactive Newsfeed

Aug 24, 2015 - San Francisco based startup, Astreea Inc. today introduces Cliick 1.0.2, its new lifestyle app for iOS devices. Cliick is an interactive newsfeed that allows users to connect with like-minded people in their area organically as they browse through trending content. The app aggregates trending content continuously from major publishers currently in four categories. Popularity of each content is determined based on the number of likes/shares/comments/tweets it received on social media.

WeatherBrush Lets People Say Goodbye to Dreaded Bad Hair Days

Aug 20, 2015 - Created by WeatherBrush, LLC, WeatherBrush 1.0.1 is a no-cost iOS app that takes the guesswork out of daily styling by providing users with real-time weather data for their location, including current conditions, and both hourly and 7-day forecasts. The app offers a brilliant Diary feature that helps users learn how they should style their hair based on prevailing or predicted weather conditions. Users simply take selfies, and add tags and comments describing any relevant hair-related details.