Medical - Latest Releases

MommyMeds Empowers Expectant and Breastfeeding Moms - App Now Free

Nov 19, 2014 - In celebration of the launch of the new MommyMeds brand for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, the iOS mobile app MommyMeds is now free for a limited-time. Available for free until December 1st, the app and new complementary website help mothers look up symptoms and safety information on thousands of medications. Resources include convenient barcode scanner for over-the-counter medications, hot topics related to pregnancy and breastfeeding and more.

Cranial Ultrasound - a neonatal quiz for healthcare professionals

Nov 17, 2014 - UK based Polwarth Medical announces Cranial Ultrasound for iPhone and Android, a fun and educational quiz app that helps medical professionals brush up on their neonatal cranial ultrasound interpretation skills. With over 50 real clinical cases and over 250 high-quality images, the app tests the user's skills at identifying a huge range of cases. The app also includes a detailed tutorial to introduce the user to cranial ultrasounds before they begin tackling the cases.

Good Blocks for iOS trains users to improve their self-esteem

Nov 10, 2014 - Samuramu today introduces Good Blocks: Mood Training Game 1.0, its new psychological training game for iOS devices. Players are presented with blocks featuring self-talk statements and have to respond as quickly as possible by throwing the bad block, therefore rejecting it. When given a positive statement, players are expected to embrace it by pulling it towards themselves. As the game advances, more blocks appear simultaneously, mimicking a tetris-like frenzy.

Human Innovations Announces TremWatch

Nov 10, 2014 - Human Innovations announced the launch of TremWatch, a tremor management app for iOS devices. Hand tremors affect millions worldwide, due to conditions like Parkinson's disease, atypical Parkinsonism and more. The app measures tremors in both hands, while capturing tremor amplitude, frequency and severity. TremWatch allows the user to distinguish the direction your hand tremor (how it moves), compare differences & log data over time and more.

Blue Whale Apps and NACD Release Cognition Coach iPad App

Nov 04, 2014 - The National Association for Child Development and Blue Whale Apps announced today the release of a new iPad app, the first in a series created to develop and build basic cognitive abilities. "Cognition Coach-NACD Simply Smarter for Toddlers to 3 Years" is designed to help establish the foundation for both typical and special needs children that develops their short term and working memories--basic keys to language development, learning, and thought.

EquiBreedVet Pro - the new app for horse vets and breeders

Oct 13, 2014 - Le Cicogne Horse Vet Center has introduced EquiBreedVet Pro 1.0 for iOS, their new app created and designed for veterinarians, breeders and equine reproduction operators. Well-built and easy-to-use, the app was specifically created for organizing and simplifying the work with broodmares during the breeding season. The broodmares physical and reproductive characteristics and more are always available. Just for few days you can download it for the special price of $5.99.

Turn Out The Lights On Sleep Problems Using MobileSleepDoc

Oct 06, 2014 - MobileSleepDoc, LLC today announces MobileSleepDoc Pro 2.0, an update to the company's flagship app developed for iOS devices. Designed by board certified sleep specialist, Dr. Melissa Lim, MobileSleepDoc serves as a personal sleep coach that tracks your sleep habits and helps you better understand your sleep patterns and problems. Version 2.0 features a cosmetic makeover, expanded reporting capabilities, new reward points program, new soundscapes, FitBit synchronization and much more.

HomecareCRM Announces Release of iOS 8 Mobile App

Sep 17, 2014 - HomecareCRM today announces its up and coming release for post-acute care providers, the newest version of its Native mobile application for Apple devices. The app reduces user interaction by 75% on initial sync, saving time and boosting productivity. It also also certifies the company's mobile products for compatibility with Apple's latest system, iOS 8. This major release will be certified and available online in the Apple Store this week.

Coumadin User Alert: Food Low in Vitamin K That Can Be Life-Threatening

Aug 18, 2014 - Indie developer James Hollender's iOS universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, Vitamin K, includes a notification to users about a food that's low in Vitamin K but can be life-threating to Coumadin users. The Vitamin K app allows users to easily find out how much vitamin K there is in over 900 different foods which is critical in helping keep the effectiveness of their blood thinning medications working properly.