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Arrhythmias App 2.0 is Driving the Way Doctors Practice Medicine

Oct 18, 2013 - Abe Balsamo & Co. today announces Arrhythmias 2.0, an update to their proprietary medical app for iOS devices. Arrhythmias helps to diagnose and treat very complicated medical problems, allowing medical practitioners to make quick, informed, peer-reviewed decisions that are in line with the standards of care. Listed in the Top 100 Medical App, all information within Arrhythmias is cited with links to original and compiled research.

Groundbreaking Dental App Released

Oct 09, 2013 - FunGameCo today is proud to announce a groundbreaking dental app "Real Tooth Morphology" was released today by two Academics from The University of Sheffield, England. This unique app uses high resolution micro-CT scan data of real teeth. The data has been collected and processed by the academics, who used 3D reconstruction techniques to allow the external and internal structures of the teeth to be explored in 3D in great detail. Perfect tool for Dentists, Dental students and more.

App Developer Thinking of Daughter While Helping Thousands

Sep 16, 2013 - Blue Whale Apps today is proud to announce Speech Therapy for Apraxia is a top-selling speech therapy app. Apraxia of Speech (AOS) is an oral motor speech disorder that affects an individual's ability to translate conscious speech plans into motor plans, and that leads to limited and difficult speech ability. In adults, the disorder is caused by illness or injury. The cause of AOS in children is unknown. The app now has the ability to track the user's progress and email the results.

Speech Therapy for Apraxia Now Allows You to Track Child’s Development

Sep 10, 2013 - Developed by Blue Whale Apps and a certified Speech-Language Pathologist from the National Association for Child Development, Speech Therapy for Apraxia 1.3.3 has already helped many parents and therapists deal with children's apraxia as a best-selling speech therapy app for the iPad. And with the latest update, the app now has the ability to track the user's progress and email the results to loved ones, other therapists, teachers or anyone else involved in the child's development.

Childhood Medical Journal for iOS-Keep Comprehensive Health Care Records

Aug 19, 2013 - 3G Publishing today introduces Childhood Medical Journal 1.0 for iOS, which lets parents and caregivers keep comprehensive health care records for all their children. The app provides a simple, all-in-one solution for saving basic information, tracking illnesses and medications, maintaining records in 16 categories, and sharing information with health care professionals and schools. Based on guidelines published by the CDC, USDA, AAP, and AAFP, the app includes basic educational information.

Baby's Day Out 1.0 for iOS - Fertility, Ovulation and Period Tracker

Aug 15, 2013 - Peepal Apps today introduces Baby's Day Out 1.0, their new fertility, ovulation and period tracker for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Baby's Day Out helps women plan for the future and pick the right time to have a baby. The app charts each monthly menstrual cycle so that a woman can anticipate the arrival of her next period and accurately predict high and low fertility days. The app comes complete with predictions, monthly calendars, period history and more.

Easy Pill 3.0 for iOS: Advanced Daily Pill Tracker and Reminder

Aug 07, 2013 - BirdsCorp today announces Easy Pill 3.0 for iOS, an update to their Medical app that offers advanced, daily medication tracking and reminding when to take next pill. Users can select any dosing frequency and duration, including "as needed," and dosing times can also be edited or shifted when necessary. Version 3.0 features all-new design, new Due Today view and unique system to build medication schedule online and import it to the app via email or by scanning QR code.

Disector 2.0 for iOS - Research App Enables Mobile Image Analysis

Aug 06, 2013 - Motion Reboot today announces Disector 2.0 for iOS, an update to its innovative app that does unbiased stereology on sliced, 2D, biomedical images. The app incorporates 5 functions, calculating the following 2D & 3D measurements from 2D images: Volume, Surface Area, Perimeter, Density, and Total Number of Objects. Image analysts, teachers, and researchers simply import the images of slices and a scale bar, trace the contours, and tap a few objects in the region of interest.

Emergency Procedure App for iPhone/iPad

Aug 02, 2013 - Apps By Abe introduces Procedure App 1.0, its new medical application for iOS devices. Geared toward medical professionals everywhere, including students, residents, EMTs, paramedics, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and physicians, Procedure App offers step-by-step procedures, accompanying videos and even a procedure log to keep track of the procedures you have done. The app is in Apple's TOP 100 in the Medical Category after just 3 hours in the Apple Store.