Multimedia - Latest Releases

Media 100 Launches Free Educational Licensing Program for Limited Time

Aug 26, 2015 - Boris FX and MacVideo Promo today announce a limited-time program that provides free, perpetual Media 100 site licenses to qualified educational institutions. Media 100 is fast, full-featured video editing software for Mac OS X. Boris FX is a leading developer of VFX, compositing, titling, video editing, and workflow tools for broadcast, post-production, and film professionals. In addition, limited-time discounted pricing is available for qualified students and educators.

nVeil Art 2.0 for Mac OS X - New Features, New Prices, New Tutorials

Aug 06, 2015 - California based Storek Studio today announces nVeil Art 2.0, an update to its innovative new graphic remix tool for Mac OS X. nVeil generates works of digital abstract cubism by filtering photos or video through vector-drawn veils. Colors and motion come from the source imagery, and can then be further modified with nVeil's controls. Version 2.0 features photo enhancement masking, a new image format, an enlarged library of veils, new tutorials, an improved user interface, and much more.

Funnel - Organize Your Photos and Videos

Aug 04, 2015 - Washington based Synaptic Edge today introduces Funnel: Organize Your Photos and Videos 1.0, their new media management application for Mac OS X. Funnel automatically renames and organizes your photos and videos into a structured file system. Simply drag and drop files, folders, drives, or devices onto Funnel's drop screen and it will find, sort, and rename your photos and videos using Exif and other metadata. Funnel supports a myriad of file types, including RAW support.

Pomfort unveils the next generation of LiveGrade

Jul 21, 2015 - Pomfort today releases the next round of professional features to LiveGrade. LiveGrade Pro was specifically designed to interactively adjust and preset looks on the live-image of SDI signals of a wide range of digital film cameras. The new LiveGrade Pro v3 contains multiple features and performance enhancements that support DITs, colorists and DOPs to work fluidly with looks in the production process by achieving demanding and accurate results faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Bix 1.0.1 is now available in the Mac App Store

Jul 13, 2015 - einstein's legacy today introduces Bix 1.0.1 for OS X, a movie playlist tool for fullscreen and multi-screen playback. Built on Apple's AVFoundation technology, Bix lets you easily organize and configure playlists, trimming individual clips as needed, for use in kiosk and digital signage applications. Bix separates your clips from their playback settings giving you the freedom to changes to the display location, looping mode and other behaviors without making any changes to your movies.

Screenium 3 released - Record your Screen at 60 FPS even on 5K Macs

Jul 09, 2015 - Synium Software today announces Screenium 3, an important update to their popular screen recording tool for Mac OS X - and it's featured big time by Apple on the Mac App Store. Screenium lets you record at 60 fps, offering optimum performance for tutorials, gameplay recordings or any other screen content. Screenium's powerful video editor comes with a comprehensive tool kit that helps you create the most sophisticated screencasts. Screenium is available for 50% off until August, 31st.

Reggie Ashworth announces VidConvert 1.6 - Video Conversion made Easy

Jun 30, 2015 - Independent software developer, Reggie Ashworth today releases VidConvert 1.6, an All-New Yosemite (and El Capitan beta) update to his popular video converter for Mac OS X. VidConvert is a video converter designed to make converting your videos simple and easy. VidConvert will convert just about any type of video into one of the many popular formats of today. Creating videos for your iPhone or iPad, for your Mac or TV, or formats such as DivX and MPEG are just a click away with VidConvert.

Koji Color Announces Koji Advance

Jun 25, 2015 - Koji Color today announces Koji Advance, a software plugin that brings Koji film emulation to all major video editing platforms. Koji film emulation, used primarily by professional colorists, is now available to anyone editing video. Koji Advance features 23 35mm film stock presets, auto-white balance, lift/gamma/gain, density, printer points, and adaptive film grain. Creative video editors can now apply the world's most accurate 35mm motion picture film emulation directly to their project.

Red Giant Presents: Film Team Experiments

Jun 23, 2015 - Red Giant's film team announced that it will be producing new Film Team Experiments each month. Packed with visual effects and running at under 60-seconds each, these short Film Team Experiments will be accompanied by a behind-the-scenes breakdown that walks viewers through the filmmaking and post-production process. Every Film Team Experiment will feature visual effects techniques - both practical and CGI - that achieve Hollywood-quality results on a small budget.