Networks and FTP - Latest Releases

Transporter Hosting puts your Transporter in a data center

Aug 21, 2013 - The Transporter is a great device that acts as a private cloud storage. You can keep the Transporter anywhere and access it from all your devices. With our new low-cost service, well host your Transporter in a high end data center so your data is safe and quickly retrieved from anywhere. Its a perfect mix of convenient data in the cloud and hosting securely on your own hardware. Our facility is located in Las Vegas, one of the most geographically safe areas in the US so your data is safe.

Dejal announces Simon 3.5 - Server Monitoring Tool

Mar 12, 2013 - Dejal Systems, LLC today announced Simon version 3.5, the essential server monitoring tool for Mac OS X. It checks websites and many other kinds of services for changes or failures, with lots of notification and reporting options. Version 3.5 includes a number of improvements and fixes for OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) support. It also includes improvements to the Web (HTTP) Twitter, Calendar, Script, Email and Speech plug-ins.

Storage Made Easy Adds Support for Amazon Glacier

Feb 26, 2013 - Storage Made Easy have announced that they have integrated Amazon Glacier into their Cloud Data Broker platform to enable easy archiving of data from almost any cloud directly to Amazon Glacier. Storage Made Easy provides a secure cloud collaboration and file sharing platform that unifies data from public and private cloud providers whilst while providing full audit and governance of all known files. Customers can now move infrequently used data from more than 35+ clouds.

Storage Made Easy Provides Unified Cloud Data Access to Mitii of Denmark

Jan 29, 2013 - Mitii Development has adopted Storage Made Easy’s SaaS hosted Cloud file unification solution for employee access to Cloud files. SME connects employees with secure, critical unified information – no matter the desktop, device or location. Storage Made Easy’s Cloud Service Broker platform adds an abstraction layer on top of any information source. This provides an enhanced cloud experience via a federated view of data through any of the 35 supported public/private Cloud Providers.

Zevrix Updates Deliver: Improves iCloud Email Support

Jan 23, 2013 - Zevrix Solutions today announces Deliver 2.4.1, a feature update to its automated file transfer solution for remote and local destinations. Deliver supports FTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV and other services, and offers automatic e-mail notifications, delivery to multiple destinations, file encryption and other powerful capabilities. The new version adds support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) in SMTP settings, which enables users to use their iCloud email accounts for file delivery notifications.

Dolly Drive launches web series 15 Minutes... on cloud storage for Mac

Jan 14, 2013 - Dolly Drive, makers of online backup & cloud storage for Mac computers, is launching its new webinar series "15 Minutes on..." this Tuesday, January 15 at 12:15pm ET. The fifteen minute web sessions will show Dolly Drive users how to make best use of the app's capabilities. The first three in the series will cover "How to use Dolly Drive's new Space feature for cloud productivity", How to use Dolly Drive for Families, and "How to use Dolly Drive for Business teams" in fifteen quick minutes.

Dolly Drive offers new customers a free account to give as a gift

Dec 21, 2012 - Cirrus Thinking, makers of Dolly Drive online file sync, storage and backup for Mac, is encouraging Apple backup enthusiasts the chance to share their cloud storage with friends during the holidays in hopes of raising awareness of protecting one's digital life. Individuals who purchase a Dolly Drive account through January 1 will receive a free account to send to a friend or family member who isn't doing cloud backup. The company has also added the ability to give Dolly Drive gift subscriptions.

Zevrix Releases Deliver 2.4: Adds Google Storage Support

Dec 18, 2012 - Zevrix Solutions announces Deliver 2.4, a feature update to its file delivery solution for remote and local destinations. Deliver supports FTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV and other services, and offers automatic e-mail notifications, delivery to multiple destinations, file encryption and other powerful capabilities. The software also lets users send output files and collected jobs directly from Adobe InDesign. The new version adds support for file delivery to Google Storage servers.

All Yummy Software titles 50% off Black Friday through Cyber Monday

Nov 23, 2012 - Yummy Software announces that the newly updated, Mountain Lion compatible, Yummy FTP, Yummy FTP Watcher, and Yummy FTP Alias products are all on 50% discount from Friday 23rd November 2012 through Monday 26th November 2012 using the coupon code CYBERSAVER. Yummy FTP is an FTP + SFTP + FTPS file transfer client which focuses on speed, reliability and productivity. Yummy FTP Watcher automates uploads, downloads and syncs between your Mac and any number of FTP, FTPS and SFTP servers.