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Introducing 2016 Election Map: The Presidential Election App

Jun 17, 2016 - Cory Renzella today announces 2016 Election Map: The Presidential Election & Electoral College App 2.0, an iOS app that builds on the 2012 app version by letting you explore, edit, and share 2016 election scenarios in a quick & easy way. It includes Live maps that will be updated daily with the newest polls, with historical maps that detail every election, from 1789 through 2012, and Scenarios, presenting possible paths to victory. This is a must-have for anyone interested in the 2016 election.

Exposure Media Marketing celebrates 5 years on Magzter

Jun 14, 2016 - One of the most popular publishers of India, Exposure Media Marketing is celebrating 5 years of digital publishing on Magzter, the world's largest digital magazine newsstand. To celebrate this special moment, Magzter has launched brand new iOS and Android apps for Maxim India and other Exposure Media Marketing's best-selling magazines, which span across several categories including Men's Interest, Women's Interest, Travel, Lifestyle and Sports.

Trusted Media Brands adds Reader's Digest and other magazines to Magzter

Jun 09, 2016 - Trusted Media Brands, Inc. partners with Magzter, the world's largest digital magazine newsstand, to further expand digital readership of its best-selling titles. Trusted Media Brands is an iconic, multiplatform media company which publishes the most renowned Reader's Digest magazine. From home and cooking to travel and lifestyle, Trusted Media Brands covers all major magazine categories, reaching active consumers who genuinely connect with their blend of uplifting and expertly-curated content.

Airboating Magazine is now available on Magzter

May 24, 2016 - Magzter today announced that Airboating Magazine is now on their popular digital magazine newsstand. Airboating Magazine promotes the recreational and commercial use of airboats around the world. The magazine publishes the history of airboating, technical tips, product reviews and vendor information along with stunning photographs in every issue. Magzter curates thousands of magazines in a beautiful reading experience optimized for both iPhone and iPad.

Lunar for iOS - Your Favorite Podcasts, at any time

May 04, 2016 - Fortyfox today introduces Lunar 1.0, their new app built exclusively for iOS and available for free on the App Store. Lunar offers a great way to listen to your favorite podcasts. With Lunar, you subscribe to your favorite podcasts and we'll make sure to notify you when the latest episode releases, then Lunar will automatically download that episode. Lunar features fantastic discovery features to make it easy to discover something you'll love.

Enjoy reading Cricket Life Magazine on Magzter

Apr 06, 2016 - To expand its digital reader base across the world, Australia's Cricket Life Magazine partners with Magzter, the world's largest digital magazine newsstand Cricket Life Magazine is about all things cricket, and filled with regular contributions from some of the world's most outstanding past and present players. This magazine is packed with upcoming tour schedules, exclusive interviews and articles written by legendary and upcoming cricketers.

Canada's GP Traveler is now available on Magzter

Mar 22, 2016 - To reach out to Formula One enthusiasts around the globe, GP Traveler partners with Magzter, the world's largest digital magazine newsstand. Each issue of GP Traveler is packed with exciting information from the Formula One World and exclusive interviews with legendary as well as spirited young racers. The latest issue of GP Traveler features many interesting articles such as The return of Renault, Melbourne by rail, and 2016 Unveilings + Testing and more.

ANIMO Magazine chooses Magzter to widen its global presence

Mar 21, 2016 - To extend its digital footprint across the world, ANIMO Magazine partners with Magzter, the World's largest digital magazine newsstand. ANIMO Magazine is a 14 year old glossy lifestyle magazine that is designed for, by, and about Lasallians. Each issue is packed with inspiring interviews of young achievers, exciting stories of game-changers and extensive coverage of sports personalities. It the right mix of insightful articles and motivating interviews in every issue.

Kata Kata Cartoon Magazine is now available on Magzter

Feb 19, 2016 - Kata Kata chooses Magzter to extends its global digital reach. An authentic African cartoon magazine from Netherlands, Kata Kata magazine tries to discuss and sensitize African/global socio-political and cultural issues. At the same time, it equally offers a maxim that life is perhaps not all about seriousness and one needs some laughs and relaxation to face serious challenges in life. Magzter is the world's largest digital magazine newsstand.